Ara Parisien is a natural born psychic medium and Transformation Coach who has been offering personal and group reading sessions and coaching to people across the globe for over twenty years. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient which provides her clients with a diverse field in which to learn, grow, and empower themselves. Ara has also worked on numerous missing persons cases.

Self-empowerment is the core of Ara’s work in that she believes it is more important to teach people how to find their own answers by finding out more about the true Self in all its magnificence, power and beauty.

Time spent with Ara always leaves individuals feeling stronger, wiser and more empowered.  Her gentle but pointed delivery, often with humour, provides a comfortable environment to realize and remember who you truly are.  She is able to generate the excitement of embarking on the most magical journey of all – the return to Self.

Psychic sessions with Ara include guidance and direction on all life aspects including intuiting blocks within the vibrational field that serve to keep one from being the best they can be.  Also called ‘Bridging’ sessions, they are a powerful tool that can help you bridge the past with the Now, the future with the Now, clarity in the Now and connect you with loved ones on the other side which serves to inspire, encourage and empower individuals on their path.

Through Transformation Coaching, Ara offers the transformation tools for all seeking expansion of awareness and ultimately of Self.  From her workshops on paradigm shifting to realizing one’s innate authentic power through the understanding of Universal Laws, she is able to catapult her clients from a life of unhappiness to a more uplifting and joyful one.

Ara is also a channel for the Council of 12, a group of Universal Beings who offer their loving guidance to all.  Her latest book, “Threshold of Transformation – A Spiritual Guide,” removes the fear of the future and encourages all of us forward in Love.

Author of, “Whispers From Within – Thoughts From A Soul”, she offers a compilation of inspirational channeling that has flowed through her over the years.  It is geared to uplifting and inspiring many to awaken, as well as offers encouragement in challenging times.

Whispers From Within - Thoughts From a Soul by Ara Parisien