Welcome to the website of Ara Parisien,  Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

The scope of Ara’s work is geared to demystifying the mystical, give evidence of life-after-life, and teach individuals who they truly are so seeking outside of themselves becomes unnecessary.  She inspires everyone into a more joyful life living to one’s true capacity and potential.

Ara Parisien has been conducting personal and group Mediumship sessions for close to 30 years.  While her accuracy and validations in delivering Spirit messages is impressive it is the impact of the messages that keeps her passion burning.  She knows first hand how powerfully Spirit moves to ensure individuals are encouraged, empowered, inspired and most of all that they are still loved.

As a Spiritual Teacher Ara offers the tools for transformation to move you into deliberate, conscious and joyful living. Understanding the chakra system, auras, universal laws and dream interpretation are just some of the tools Ara offers to empower you into the life you came here to live.

As an author, she was written, “Threshold of Transformation” and “The Other Side of Grief” and  “Everyday Wisdom”,  available on Amazon.

Ara Parisien, from Victoria BC Canada, is also the founder and co-host of the popular online tv show Virtual Vision with Rev. Ted Woodroffe, healer and expert on the angelic realm. To learn more of Virtual Vision  please visit www.virtualvisionfm.com

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  1. Due to my financial hardships and inability to afford healthcare and prescription life sustaining medication, am I going to die shortly?

    • Hello, Martha! I so sorry you are experiencing such challenges! I know that when we find ourselves in such overwhelming circumstances that it is most difficult to remain positive. Spirit does not provide me with information relating to the timing of someone’s transition. What I can tell you is that when we find ourselves in dire circumstances we might want to realize we didn’t arrive at that point in one fell swoop. It took quite awhile for us to find ourselves where we are. With each experience that led down this particular path it gave us the opportunity to offer despairing thoughts or positive thoughts. Being human, it is normal to despair for quite sometime. With this despair we build up quite an energetic momentum that carries us in the direction of what we least want–given our thoughts/feelings are based from our personal point of fear and desperation. It can be turned around–and that is good news—just keep in mind that it will take time to slow down the momentum that is in place before it can turn in a direction that makes you feel better. One exercise I highly recommend to help begin the slowing of the current momentum is to look at yourself in the mirror. Look yourself right in the eyes and say “I AM” with conviction! Say it a few times. Think those words every time you begin to worry about current conditions. Do not qualify the statement with “I AM tired” or “I AM broke”—just say “I AM”. You will feel a resonation from within. “I AM” are the first two words of creation. You are bringing forth the connection between who you are as a human being with Source itself. Get this connection going. This connection is not predicated on how much money you have or how ill you are. It is that vaster aspect of you that holds the answers and the power that you are seeking. Please give it a try for the next 2 weeks. Let me know how it goes! Much love to you!

  2. Im at a very terrifying time of my life now and dont know what to do. It is a very big issue. without going into details only to say that I and my son are being made to move out of our residence in 60 days. I am devastated and very, very scared. can you give me some guidance or direction of what I can do. Finances are an issue related to this.

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