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Psychic/mediumship readings for individuals and groups will connect you with Spirit to provide guidance on your path.

Life Coaching

These 2+ hour sessions involve understanding the energy you are, learning the tools that you possess, and implementing them to transform your life.

Helping You Connect

Unlock Your Full Potential

Connecting you with loved ones who have transitioned back to non-physical energy. You’ll leave equipped with the understanding, via evidence, that loved ones live on, healing continues and love abounds.

60 and 90 minute sessions available

Life coaching

Group REadings

Missing Persons Cases

Psychic Readings

Psychic/mediumship readings will connect you with Spirit to provide guidance on your path.

Life Coaching

These 2+ hour sessions involve understanding the energy you are, learning the tools that you possess, and implementing them to transform your life.

Group Readings

With a minimum of six people per group, this is an entertaining evening with friends and spirit


Are you ready to welcome abundance and well-being in all forms into your life?

Courses coming soon!

Missing Persons Cases

I’m highly experienced with missing persons cases, both on-site and remotely. Includes working with the family and police.

What Are Readings?
Who are they For?

People come to me for many reasons. To provide clarity on career and relationships, understanding grief, and to connect with loved ones who have transitioned to non-physical energy.

Do you do predictions?
Predictions are not the core of my work as I believe they can be disempowering. My commitment to you is to lift the cloud of confusion so you can see your choices more clearly and understand your future is forged by every choice you make in the Now.
Will you be able to tune into the people in my life still living and tell me what they are thinking/doing?
My commitment is to YOU. When a session commences it is by permission between you and I. It is more important to focus on you and your responses/reactions to others and offer the tools to help you change your perspective.
Will you always bring through who I wish to speak with during a mediumship session?
Chances are excellent that you will hear from those closest and most meaningful to you.
Do I have to have something in mind to focus on for a session or can we just have fun?
It is best to have a reason. Fun is a by-product.
How do I prepare for a session
Try and spend at least 10 min relaxing or meditating beforehand. Your only task is to be completely open to all messages you receive.
Ara Parisien About Me

About me

I am a natural-born, evidential medium, living in Victoria BC, with clients all over the world. I have supported connecting them with their loved ones who have transitioned back to non-physical energy. I am always moved to joy, when the evidence shared proves that loved ones live on.

As I have a keen understanding of the Energy we all are and how it is directed, I can also offer the tools for you to make the necessary shift from the life you live now to one that is more effortless, joyful and abundant.

Working with a higher frequency consciousness stream, which I call the Council of 12, I can offer clarity and wisdom of how you arrived at this point in your life, from first breath to Now. I can assist you in your journey to not only learn how to break cycles and patterns that may not be of benefit, but also help you seed new patterns that will completely transform your life and unleash the power within.

I am also an author. The Other Side of Grief details how I grew up with this ability, honed it, and successfully began my professional career as a medium. I have co-authored Everyday Wisdom with the Council of 12. This offers a different perspective on everyday words to provide us with options on how we see life and respond to it. Both books are available on Amazon.ca.

My favorite word is Joy and when I’m not being of service to my clients, I write, read, enjoy spending time with my daughter and her family, cooking and walking around this beautiful place I call home.


When I went to see Ara I had no idea what to expect. She amazed me with her gift. I ended up leaving with peace of mind and closure on so many things that have been weighing heavy on my mind and heart for many years. She is an awesome lady and have recommended her to everyone I know. I now understand why there are so many robins in my backyard. I can now speak with my Dad every time I see one.

Thank you Ara….I have never felt better in my heart and my soul.

Janet, Victoria BC

Bridging sessions with Ara always leave me feeling at peace and so comforted, knowing my loved ones are with me. Ara has such a calming, gentle quality and I feel like she truly cares about me and my loved ones. Whether I get the messages I think want, I know I am getting information I need. If something doesn’t quite make sense, Ara makes sure to explain it so it does. So many times during a session, she has mentioned something that didn’t ring any bells for me at all, only to have the EXACT thing she mentioned happen at a future date! Her insight, accuracy and abilities are phenomenal! One of the many qualities I love so much about Ara is the way she gets involved in the session. She laughs with me, comforts me, gets excited with me and truly enjoys just being in the moment with me and my loved ones who have passed. I can feel her warmth and caring come through the phone and wrap itself around me in a comforting hug. I always look forward to my times with Ara as it’s like sitting down to visit with my best girlfriend. She truly has a beautiful gift and I am forever thankful she has chosen to share that gift with all of us!

Kris G. Omaha, Nebraska

I was always a believer in the spirit world but never thought that I would have that experience until I was blessed to have met Ara. She gave me something that I never thought I could have, a reading from my son Joshua, and for a baby that did not make a sound in this world he sure makes himself known. Ara has made a big impact on my life, from the way I think, the way I look at life, to feel and think positive, and has proven to me that my loved ones are still very much apart of my life. I truly believe that my son has lead me to Ara so that she could help me “live” again, after his passing I thought my life was over, but I know now that I have wonderful life and my son with me every step of the way, and I will be able to hold him again…

Shannon Maracle, Ontario

I have not only had the privilege of being read by Ara, I have also been honored to observe numerous readings she has given to others. Her accuracy, the details, and the messages are incredible…life changing perhaps for the person being read. I am also a medium, and I tease her often, saying that I want to be like her when I grow up. It is true…she is wonderful! I am blessed to know her.

Jan, Oregon

Ara facilitated a life changing experience for me last year when I first went to see her. I was trying to make sense of my grandma’s passing and she was able to deliver a loving and powerful message to me that far exceeded my expectations. She validated things about my mother’s health and pieced together events that no one could have known about. I believe she is authentic and more importantly, the impact of our first meeting has fundamentally shifted my attitude towards life and life after we leave this world. Ara is amazing in her accuracy, gentle and tactful way of delivering messages, and ability to exude warmth and eliminate fear. I’d recommend Ara to anyone.

R.S., Victoria BC

No words can express my appreciation for the insight and guidance you gave me today. Your talent and abilities to connect with spirit is truly outstanding. You have such a beautiful energy and it comes through whenever I hear your voice. Bless you for the holidays and all great things in the year to come. Thank you sweet one.

Terry Kravetz, New York

Online Resources

Ara Parisien The Other Side of Grief

The Other side of grief

This book details how I grew up with this ability, honed it, and successfully began my professional career as a medium.

Co-authored with the Council of 12, The Other Side Of Grief offers hope and inspiration within the context of the grieving process. Sharing selected transcripts from thousands of readings over twenty-five years, these transcripts not only showcase how Spirit encourages us to live joyfully, in spite of what we feel we have lost, but also serves to illuminate the pathway to discovering the eternal gifts our loved ones leave behind.

Ara Parisien Everyday Wisdom Book

Everyday Wisdom

Much like the wisdom of Abraham, the Council of 12 offer their keen and profound insight to everyday words to effect Everyday Wisdom. If you are looking for a different perspective in order to make changes in your life then this book is for you. It offers words to aspire to–or expand beyond.

I AM Focus Journal of Transformation

I AM: Focus Journal of Transformation


This journal serves as a powerful assistant in the transformation of your life.

“I AM” are the first two words of creation.

Whatever you say after the words I AM the Universe moves to bring into your reality. Typically we are creating what we least want by thinking/saying things like “I AM sick of this” etc. You can tell by the results in your life whether you are creating appropriately for yourself.

You are more powerful than you realize and have all the tools you require to change your world.

Understand the unseen. unleash the power within.

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