Do we really die?


If we were all of the same level of consciousness, the above answer would suffice. However, we are not all at the same level. This does not lend itself to ‘some are better than others.’ It just means that some have had the learning experience a little more than another. Some are in the throes of coming to terms with death, either their own or with that of a loved one. We are all here learning and growing in all sorts of different ways, through just as many varied experiences, asking just as many different questions. We all have our turn at wondering about death. What it is, the process of it and what to expect.

There is no death. There is no death because energy cannot be destroyed. We are energy. We can only transform because energy can only transform. What do we transform to? We go back to non-physical energy.

Some believe there are exit points of the Soul that allow us to opt out of this reality. I cannot rule this out even though in my experience as a medium I have not encountered any Soul that did this. Even suicides are the result of the Soul knowing when it is done even though those left behind believe the person ‘left’ too soon. The only exit point I am aware of is the final one. It seems to me that Source, in its perfection, would provide many opportunities for us to choose and it is our Free Will that dictates which exit point is seized and acted upon. In any event, whichever one it is, it is, indeed, the final one.

What happens at the point of transformation is generally in alignment with the individual. I have brought through Spirit that very poignantly told me ‘their ship had come in and they boarded without hesitation.’ When this was relayed to the family they wept with joy as their loved one was only happy in life when he was sailing. Generally speaking, loved ones already in non-physical begin to congregate around the loved one well before the transformation process begins. Usually, these unseen energies are conversed with, visited with, and assistance is given in preparation for the magical journey back to non-physical. Whether your loved one ever verbalizes this or not is a personal choice.

At the point where the transformation process begins, non-physical energy rallies around and encourages the person forward. The Soul may linger for days while energy is balanced and understanding has been achieved but when the Soul says it is time to go there is absolutely nothing that can stop it. At that point of the process all bargaining has ceased. The next time you think of your loved one transforming and they stayed longer than anticipated, enough so that all were convinced they had a miracle on their hands but they transformed anyway, remember, the Soul allowed that extra time and when it was done it was done. Be grateful.

The moment the Soul withdraws its attention from the physical plane the body ceases to function. The breath stops. Loved ones weep, medical staff attend to the body. In the non-physical, however, the energy simply slides out of the body (or rises out of the body in some cases) and stands beside themselves. Often there is a moment’s hesitation as the realization hits but it is quickly overshadowed by the feeling of complete elation, lightness, joy and love. Spirit is quick to embrace it’s remembered vantage point of non-physical. There is quite a reunion of Spirit at that time.

Is there a hell? No. The earth plane is fraught with its own tapestry of hell. It has been lived and released.

Is there a heaven? The earth plane is the level of existence where your vibration and desire has the capacity to create a heaven-on-earth.

Where is non-physical? Non-physical is all around you. It is in everything, everywhere at all times. When one transforms their focus is returned to whence it came. Your loved ones, in fact all of us, at the point of transformation, instead of having the physical body to express with, and experience with and love with and breathe with, we return to being the breath of Source once more.

There is no death. There is merely a shifting of focus along with the transformational return to Source itself.

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As 2012 comes to a close it provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments and celebrate your successes. Feel gratitude in knowing all things are possible and carry that gratitude into 2013. It is in that extraordinary vibration that all things come. And remember, the calendar is a man-made construct that marks time that doesn’t exist. Only moments exist. And in each moment your power can be realized. Live each moment as joyfully as you can. In essence, your life depends on it.

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Responding vs Reacting

Just for today…choose a different response to those around you. Your positivity, your warmth and your compassion is vastly more important–and needed–more than your frustration, resentments and petty judgments. By changing your response to annoyances, you create an opportunity for others to respond differently as well. It’s amazing how responding versus reacting actually shifts dynamics and allows you to see the good in others.

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Life doesn’t throw curves at you nor does it hand you lemons. Life isn’t about being dealt a certain hand of cards. Life doesn’t put obstacles in your way and certainly doesn’t create bumps on the road. When you begin to realize that everything that comes your way is there specifically because you ‘thought/felt it into being’ then your life will miraculously change–because you will think/feel differently. It has always been this way. You are in charge. When you know it you will then live it. You will Live Life instead of life living you.

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Merry Christmas!

As the holidays begin I wish to thank each and every one of you for being such an inspiration to me. Never underestimate the power of your presence in people’s lives for your unique expression impacts all those around you—and in turn, the world. Thank you for impacting mine as I wouldn’t be the same without you!

For those who are missing their loved ones please take heart. They walk with you as silent angels, ever loving, ever encouraging, ever inspiring you forward on your journey here. They ask nothing of you but to feel the joy of simply Being and to express the love they know your heart holds–in spite of what you feel has been lost. You are not alone–ever.

May you have the Merriest of Christmases and may you all experience the peace that you are. May you allow 2013 to unfold magically and effortlessly before you.





Peace. It is not something you demand from other countries. It is not something we demand from each other. It is not something witnessed, it is felt. Peace is not killed for. It is not expected, demanded, manipulated, given or taken away. Spend less time shaking your fist at where you perceive peace isn’t. The more you point fingers and cry foul the more elusive peace seems to be. Peace. It is who we are. Let peace reign. It starts with you–not just at Christmas–but every moment you breathe.

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December 21, 2012

So here it is, December 21, 2012 and the day has dawned as I fully expected it to. As I sipped my morning coffee waiting to greet the light of a new day, I smiled and wondered to myself what all the fearful people were planning to fear next now that the End of the World marketing has been milked completely dry. So much focus has been dedicated to the possibility of a catastrophic end to life as we know it. One fact that was overlooked by many was that the Mayan calendar never predicted catastrophe. That has always been a Western culture construct. The Mayans actually predicted an ‘apocalypse’ which is vastly more far-reaching and miraculous if we choose to see it as such. Why? Because ‘apocalypse,’ in translation is a ‘revealing.’ A revealing of what, you might ask. It is a revealing of a truth that has been behind the veil of our conscious awareness. A truth about the illusion we have been living within for eons.

We are transitioning through the end of one age and the beginning of another. It is a focal point. A place to put our focus where it will be of the most benefit, not just to Self but to each other. I am quick to augment this with the fact that each moment augers the same opportunities for change. One does not need such a monumental platform in order to enact change at all but as long as the platform is here we might as well use it to our collective advantage.

Our focus is our authentic power by which all things are made manifest. It is immeasurable. When we collectively focus on specific targets, miracles occur. It is in this way that you become a catalyst–a change agent–and you begin to understand that you are truly a miracle in motion. Think about it. If your focus has been based from your personal point of fear, and your focus manifests, what have you been contributing, manifesting and allowing? When you experience the power that you are, you realize that fear is simply the absence of Love–the Love of Self–the Love for each other–and the Love of our planet. In essence, you fear Love–which is who you are. When you deliberately focus your power you realize there is absolutely nothing to fear because the Self is fully equipped with the power that creates worlds. Heady stuff!

So if you were to give your attention to something, which is your focus, which in turn is your power, what would you give it to? What do you want to see changed? Some say they would want an end to war, a stable economy, love for one another and to live in peace. To that I say, all is possible—IF they are willing to give it the attention it deserves in their own lives. The ‘world’ is a collective of all vibrational energy from every individual who breathes. It is not something external that we view each night on the news. It is here. It is now. It is in you. It is you–and has been all along. If you believe for a moment that you are not the kind of person who would hurt another, think again. Every time you judge, every time you loathe, every time you punish those vibrations amass with every other individual’s contribution and are played out in full expression on a world stage. When we see the darkness of it, when we witness the pain of it, we still do not recognize that we have contributed to it by what we carry within.

The ‘revealing’ that will occur and is occurring is assisting the shadow side of Self to bubble up to the surface to be acknowledged and healed. So it is with our world–or stage. When your old paradigms and conditioning have been attended to, the world, which is our mirror will reflect it back to us. The paradigms existing in our world because of our vibrational contributions will implode and crumble in order for new paradigms to be seeded, nurtured and birthed. This time of paradigm collapse on an individual level and, in turn, the world, might buffet us to and fro for a time. Hold your focus steady on what you prefer the outcome to be and give little attention to what is seemingly happening. There is absolutely nothing that is impossible–even though we have been conditioned to believe we are powerless. The nature of the illusion now has a crack in its veneer and the light of Truth will shine blindingly in many areas. Chaos may reign for a time but you–together with your deliberate focus–will help pave the way for not only for you in your own life but for all of us and all who come after us. Change is here, as it has been in every moment. Now it is just taking center stage. Be mindful of your focus–or what you give your attention to in your daily lives. You are needed–not your fears or resentments, bitterness or judgments. When we begin to understand the nature of who we truly are we will see clearly there is no Self at all–just one beautiful and powerful stream of pure positive energy that we ride, sharing and expressing our perceived individuality. We have the power because we are that power. The question is, can you get over yourself enough to be that power.

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Christmas memories

Memories. They are being made in every moment. There are memories of moments in the past that spark a bittersweet nostalgia. There are memories of family feuds, of perceived righteousness, justification and indignation. The only memory far more powerful than all of these is Love.

While my childhood was far from perfect it is at times such as Christmas that I reflect fondly on the memories that I have that are rosy even if it is largely due to the lens with which I choose to view them.

There were the times that my brother would wake me up at two or three in the morning and together we would creep downstairs, he clutching a tiny flashlight, me clutching my childlike wonder. He would fumble around the christmas tree attempting to turn the lights on and the more he would try to be quiet the more he would knock things over. The only thing louder than his trial and errors were the giggles that I could not stifle. We never knew that our parents were laying in bed listening to us and stifling giggles of their own. Once the lights were on we looked upon the magical offerings displayed around the tree. A bride doll in a glittery white dress sitting resplendent on a red rocking chair, tonka trucks, crayons, army men, doll clothes. It was sheer and utter magic to our tender hearts.

There was the pure excitement as we watched our mother open her gift of Evening in Paris perfume that she neither needed nor enjoyed but made us feel that it was the most important gift she had ever received and wore it proudly Christmas morning. There was a gratefulness that mom knew the exact router bit my father wanted in his workshop and we delighted in his appreciation even though it was mom who bought it. Once all gifts had been exchanged it was time for Christmas breakfast which was such an occasion for us all and always led to delectable morsels that laid plentiful on the tables around the house. Peanut butter balls were my absolute favourite and mom always made sure they were part of our Christmas baking. We would graze all day until Christmas dinner was on the table.

Such are the memories I revisit each year. I may not be able to go home again as home and all those who are a part of these memories have since gone–but the vibration of Christmas past lives on. My granddaughter Bailey has finally bitten into her first peanut butter ball of the season—her favourite! Christmas breakfast may be bypassed this year due to Leah’s work schedule but that will not affect the joy in our hearts that we are still here, still together, and making memories.

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases—and memory making. What you do now will live on even when what you love most is no longer with you. There may be an empty chair or two at the table on any given year but one thing is for sure—they never leave your heart.