Grieve, yes…but

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We are all a reflection of one another. What is being reflected to us all when we witness tragic events? It shows the depth of pain, despair, violence, judgment and other variables of this nature that we, as a collective, still hold within ourselves to some degree or another. When we witness horrific events the pain pours out, aching to be healed. Remember, unconditional love is bigger and more powerful than anything else. Love the children that have transitioned and honour their participation in showing us we still have much to heal within. Love the ones left behind for their healing has been thrust upon them and before the light begins to shine again they must walk through the darkest night of the soul. But the light will shine–and is still shining–even though they nor we can see it during the fallout of this event. Love the shooter for in essence on deeper levels he is you. Do not magnify the pain, agony, righteousness and judgment. Magnify the love. It is the only thing that will see us through. Yes, we are all a reflection of one another. We are all mirrors. We cannot and should not believe that this reflection is selective. Neither is unconditional love. The world–and each individual in it– needs healing and each tragic event lends credence to that fact. Grieve, yes. But know that unconditional love is what is necessary and expected from us all. Together, lovingly, we can make a difference.

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