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Miracles are real.

Miracles happen every day. We may not see them as such as our focus is on much more mundane things. When situations turn desperate, that is when you hear people talking about and asking for a miracle. Society has deemed a miracle as something that occurs when all hope is lost and beyond any measure of logic, reasoning or intervention from a worldly source.

In dire circumstances we find ourselves pining, pleading, beseeching, imploring and petitioning a god that does not seem to hear us. We seem more focused and intent on ‘why’ a miracle is needed and tell all and sundry the details of how and why we require a miracle. We hope against hope that we are worthy of such an event while just as equally we are doubting it will ever happen to us.

There are so many reasons and just as many stories to tug at our hearts as to the injustices of life, the unfairness of people, and the hardships we have come to believe life is all about. On a human level each is worthy of a miracle. Then why do they not occur when we seemingly need them so desperately?

First of all, worthiness has nothing to do with whether a miracle occurs or not. If we understood the miracles in life in their entirety we would see that miracles occur every moment. Because we are not in ‘need’ we do not see them and if we do we tend not to categorize them as miracles but as curiosities.

Embrace the miracle of opening your eyes in the morning, of the sun shining or even the rain. Everything you see, touch, smell, taste and hear is an absolute miracle. Until one truly loves the miracle of All There Is, until one understands they are here because of Source – and that they are Source energy – then miracles will perpetually be elusive.

Understand that you are the miracle you pray for. You are the miracle you wait for. Source has designed and orchestrated this precisely to ensure you have every tool available for your journey here. Connect to the true ‘you’ and you will begin to understand the miracle of breathing, the miracle of living, the miracle of your body, the miracle of your focus. When you begin to recognize the moment-to-moment miracles each day, you will tend to see the miracles present in every situation no matter how challenging the situation might be.

Miracles are your power meeting your focus in Love. Live as the miracle you are.

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