Just for today….remind yourself that your circumstances are simply the manifestation of past thoughts and feelings. Dwelling on your circumstances only serves to keep you mired in your victimhood. Instead, focus on your actions. Are they expressing what you prefer? Keep your thoughts, words and actions in alignment with what you do want and you […]


Everyone has free-will to believe what they wish. Whether that understanding meets with others’ lofty ‘standards of rightness’ is immaterial. We all find truth, in our own way and in our own time. No one can or should tell another that they are wrong in their choice of what they believe. People needn’t be intimidated […]

We are only human….

How many times have we heard this phrase or uttered it. It is one of the most defeatist statements I hear from family, friends, clients etc. It serves to narrow and limit our perspective of our true potential. Embrace your humanness as it surely is the vehicle by which you are experiencing this flicker of […]

Spirituality a hoax?

There is a movement in the world that is claiming ‘spirituality’ is a hoax. Their claim is that ‘spirituality’ is an avenue whereby one does not have to claim responsibility for a world that is seemingly spiraling out of control towards devolution. Further, they claim, that ‘spirituality’ is a selfish orientation that panders to the […]

When Worlds Collide

It is evident to me that clarity in the services I provide is long overdue. Labels are a necessary evil on this plane. They define us, they give others a frame of reference as to what we might do. They do not, however, adequately reflect who we truly are. People do, however, expect you to […]


Just for today….believe. Believe with every fiber of your being that all is well. Every moment is an opportunity for the Universe to give you evidence that all things are possible. Hang on! You’re worth it!

Grief and Joy

Grief and joy are opposite expressions of Love. Allow those who are grieving to grieve to their fullest potential. There is no ‘right’ way to grieve or ‘wrong’ way to grieve–there is only ‘their’ way to grieve. It is the depth of their despair that is in direct measure of the joy that is available […]

Messages from Spirit

Just for today….be mindful of what your five senses are bringing to your attention. Spirit will inspire you to turn your head at just the right moment in order to see something that will remind you of someone who has passed. There will be scents that drift into your awareness, there will be songs you […]

Connecting with Spirit

As a medium, there is nothing more rewarding than connecting with spirit and delivering messages from ‘the other side.’ Spirit doesn’t wait for a medium to be in place in order to make itself known though. We all are able to connect and experience our own messages from our loved ones in non-physical. What experiences […]


What does trust mean to you?