Responsibility of Psychics

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As a professional psychic medium the responsibility of this work has always been crystal clear to me. It has also made me one of the least favourite teachers of this work. Before I or anyone else for that matter gets carried away by their first ‘hits’ during their initial kick at the can there is always much work to be done – continuously done – in order to be the clearest conduit you can be.

Responsibility. It is one of the most important commitments you will make to yourself and to others and appears alongside Integrity and Intent on the list of necessities in this field. Responsibility is the focus of this article.

The work is not a parlour game nor is it a handy tool in your back pocket to dazzle your friends. You are dealing with people’s lives, loves, issues and ultimately leading them back to their power. It is credible, important and powerful work if it is done correctly.

So how do you go about assuming and learning this integral aspect of the work? It is all about Self. Knowing Self. Being connected to Self. Understanding the nature of Self. Acknowledging and healing the emotional and vibrational baggage you carry from past experiences, and emotional and vibrational baggage you pick up and carry from moment to moment. It is about healing your own pain. It is about forgiveness. It is about loving Self and others. It is about learning then living non-judgment. It is all about doing the inner work. It is about continuing this inner work every step of your life.

I have seen many people who claim to be psychic but their life is in constant turmoil. This is indicative of someone who is not truly connected. They have not done their inner work. Do psychics who have done their inner work face chaos and challenges in their life? Of course they do. No one is absolved from contrasting experiences no matter how spiritual they are. In their connection to Self they face these challenges from a totally different vantage point. This vantage point does not include wailing and bemoaning their issues. It means finding the gift as quickly as possible and transmuting the negative energy into something more positive. You would never know what their issues are because they never speak of them. Therein lays the difference, at least physically.

The psychic ability is a flow of energy that is rapidly interpreted and verbalized. That flow of energy just doesn’t enter the mind or the mouth. It flows through the entire chakra system. If you have not done your inner work, that flow will course through your vibrational field and become influenced and tainted by every negative vibration you hold. You then give that vibration to another. You don’t see it but it is happening all the same. Just the way that we all know milk is good for our bones. We know it is healthy for the bones, but we are not aware of our bones absorbing the calcium as we drink that milk. So it goes with our vibration. Know what you are giving and make sure it is as clean as possible.

There is such an eagerness in people to latch onto this ability because they want to use it to help others until they realize the commitment that comes with it. While wanting to be of service is truly admirable it simply isn’t enough. One must commit. One must commit to working on Self so that one becomes an effective avenue of assistance to others. If you don’t, then what are you actually giving and more importantly, is it truly helping?

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