Connecting with Spirit

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As a medium, there is nothing more rewarding than connecting with spirit and delivering messages from ‘the other side.’ Spirit doesn’t wait for a medium to be in place in order to make itself known though. We all are able to connect and experience our own messages from our loved ones in non-physical.

What experiences have you had? Share the wealth! It’s important to share so that we all can learn.

One thought on “Connecting with Spirit

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    There are two areas to follow here and without separating the two it can be confusing.
    There are such non physical things as out there space where there is nothing in it and there is radio – That is the space between the Radio Station and the receiving device where one cannot see, hear, feel, taste or receive with his senses: This area is nonphysical, whereas the two ends are not. There is more to this than meets the eye.

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