When Worlds Collide


It is evident to me that clarity in the services I provide is long overdue.

Labels are a necessary evil on this plane. They define us, they give others a frame of reference as to what we might do. They do not, however, adequately reflect who we truly are. People do, however, expect you to live up to them even though their lens is purely a subjective one.

For instance, the label that is easily recognizable to many is that of ‘Psychic Medium.’ People seem to know at first glance what the label connotes and are either instantly interested or they politely look the other way, which, in essence doesn’t bother me one iota as the label is not who I am it is what I do.

The label, ‘Psychic Medium’ is actually redundant because all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. Nevertheless, some choose to use it as a reminder that one is more than a medium and more than a psychic. To each their own. Either way, people generally know what they are getting when it is time to consider booking the service.

Add to this label, “Transformation Coach’ and people scratch their heads. This extended label suddenly has blurred the line between something that is ‘known’ with something that is not. It has piqued curiosity in some and consternation and confusion in others.

What is a Transformation Coach anyway? In my case, and I can only speak from my vantage point, but considering I coined the phrase you are getting this right from the horse’s mouth so to speak. In my work as a Medium I was led by Spirit to see there was more to life than living, struggling, a glimpse of joy, grieving, feigned peace and then death. What matters most to loved ones ‘on the other side’ is how we continue to live. Little by little I was offered the tools to assist in transforming one’s life from something tedious, arduous, painful and mundane to something joyful. They also are effective in helping one re-self-define after a loss so they are able to embrace the joy they truly are and begin to live again. Not only do these tools have the ability to impact the grieving, they are useful to anyone who wishes to let go of the struggle and live within their innate power. I should know because I never offer anything I have not learned, implemented and live in my own life. In essence, the label “Transformation Coach” was borne from my work as a Medium. It is part and parcel of the work I do. Given I dedicate a strong focus to the empowerment of individuals I can certainly see how and why Spirit worked with me in this way.

My work as a Medium is entirely rewarding as I am able to impart evidentiary messages from loved ones in non-physical to those still here. There is no question how powerful the impact can be on one who is grieving. It truly can be a catalyst to healing. With each session I conduct I consistently marvel at Spirit’s loving generosity in allowing us to know that we do not die. Evidence and messages are a most wonderful gift for all concerned. But is it enough? Chances are it is for some but not for all. Some definitely are in need of and ask for the answer to, “But how do I go on?” The expertise of Transformation Coach becomes relevant.

As a Psychic, people may be disappointed to know that I do not give out winning lottery numbers. If winning the lottery was so important in one’s lifetime then we would all be winners and I would be typing this Blog from my laptop on a beach in the Bahamas. I do not dabble in doom and gloom messages such as, “Never get on a #4 bus on a Thursday.” I believe, and so do my guides, that the only messages that are vital and worthy are positive and empowering ones. It is this way because being empowered and living authentically keeps the #4 buses on Thursdays from being an issue at all. The life path guidance is all to do with you and your empowerment. It is a proactive approach to help you in your life by lifting the fog of confusion which helps you see your own choices more clearly. Your future is not mine to predict. It is yours to create. All I will do, through the good guidance of my Spirit Guides is point you in the direction of the opportunities that are scattered along the path you walk. How do you identify these opportunities and know whether you should take advantage of them? By being aware of your innate power which I teach through the lens of Transformation Coach.

Chakra work is another part of the session as my guides believe that if we are aware of the vibrational energy we are storing within that is not of benefit then we might be more apt to heal it. In that way we are actually helping to sustain our physical form as well. How do we set about healing in this regard? By the tools offered through the Transformation Coaching.

When worlds collide–being the world of a Medium and the world of Transformation Coaching, everything is affected, everything is enhanced. The psychic guidance becomes more than the answer to ‘Does he really love me?’ and the mediumship becomes more than a response to, “Is my loved one around me?” It breathes a new life into life.

We are all here to evolve and grow. If I am to evolve and grow, which I am, then my work should evolve and grow as well, which it has and will continue to do so. Thus, the extended label. Suggesting that I should be labeled only as a Medium indicates I can and will do only one thing and that is converse with loved ones on the other side. Asking me to pigeon-hole myself into one area of expertise is like asking the weather person to only focus on the temperatures and ignore the rest of the forecast.

Some may find the label too lofty, cumbersome or confusing. Perhaps this will help– Mediumship is a sure fire way to find relief from the pain you are experiencing. The Transformation Coaching helps you evolve through the pain and begin to live the expanded version of yourself that the painful experience has caused you to become. Two intermingled approaches to one goal–and that is to live to your true potential.

When selecting from the wide and varied menu of Psychics or Mediums to provide their unique services to you it is important to have a frame of reference and know what you are actually signing up for. Their services are often multi-faceted and may offer many tools to assist in living authentically. Many may appear as appetizers on that menu but many are also the full meal deal.

I have chosen my label because it depicts an evolving foundation of the work I am engaged in–which is more than being a Medium. It was not chosen to deliberately confuse or confound. It was not chosen to stand apart from others. It was a fair and balanced decision to accurately reflect what I do. Perhaps at some point in the future we will not need labels at all. At that time you will more than likely hear me say, “Hello! I am a fellow traveler, how can I help you?”

For now, I will remain,

~Ara Parisien
Medium and Transformation Coach

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  1. I swear we are twins…this is very well put…in fact I couldn’t have said it any better…I love the way you wrote that you “continue” to work on yourself to learn and grow…I believe that is of utmost importance to a good Medium and soul traveler! Well said Ara!

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