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Launching Deliberate Vibrations

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Just for today…remind yourself that when you place your attention on what is lacking in your life you are actually launching a creation of ‘wanting’. Because it is based on lack you will be perpetuating the elusiveness of your desire. Start your day with a clear understanding that you are creating. In every moment you are creating. You are creation in motion. Instead of making the proverbial Want List make a Creation List (can you feel the vibrational difference between the two?). Keep it close to remind yourself of where you are headed. You are a powerful creator. Live it!




Just for today…remind yourself that your attitude will dictate your vibration–and your vibration will dictate your experiences. If you are concerned as to what the day might bring…adjust your attitude. It isn’t ‘hard’ or ‘complicated’. You don’t have extenuating circumstances that override the universal laws. You can do it. Just use your power which is your focus.

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We are energy in our truest form. We are all the same energy. Given we are all the same energy there is absolutely no way we are not going to ‘feel’ the variations of someone else’s expression of that energy. In that way, we are all empaths.

Time and time again I hear people tell of how they absorb the energies around them; that they must protect themselves; that others’ energy wreaks havoc in their lives; that they tend to feel the pain of others, etc. I am not disputing this fact as it is very real for them. However, it speaks to an issue in their own belief structure more than it does to the fact that they are an empath.

Just as our physical selves are governed by physical laws on this plane such as the Law of Gravity, so it is that our vibrational selves are governed by the universal laws such as the Law of Vibration, Law of Rhythm, Law of Attraction to name but a few. Whatever you hold in your belief structure causes an emotion that drives the vibrational bus and is the virtual magnet that tells the universe what you want to experience. Therefore, if you are vibrating a fear, or an expectation that others might interfere with your energy then you will find more and more people coming around you that can lower your vibrational quality. Do you need to protect yourself from this? The only protection one needs, as far as I am concerned, is awareness–the awareness of what you are vibrating not what others are vibrating.

The lot in life for ’empaths’ (and remember, we are all empaths) is not to journey through life dodging and weaving others, nor is it to consistently feel everyone’s pain to the point it becomes their own. Everyone is here to be the joy they already are and express it always. When I walk into a room full of people I am not concerned about what I will ‘get’ from others, I am more concerned about what I am contributing. When I am mindful of ensuring my vibration is high, light and loving I will easily identify others who are vibrating in like fashion. I have yet to hear an ’empath’ walk into a room and say, “Oh my! That person over there is so full of joy they are almost bursting! I want to be around them!” It works the same way for the positive vibration as it does for the negative. It is Law. It is the Law of Attraction. Like attracts Like.

Want to live more positively and joyfully in life? The only protection you need is your own awareness of what you are vibrating. How do you know what you are vibrating? Look at what is around you in any given moment as it is your indicator. Worry less about what you ‘get’ and focus more on what you are contributing. What can you expect? Shift happens.

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Just for today…remind yourself that some distractions are entirely of benefit while others are not. Allowing external circumstances to frustrate you pulls you away from your wishes, hopes and dreams. When you feel the desire to judge yourself or others, when you feel frustration building or resentments mounting it is time to distract yourself with something that makes you feel good. There is absolutely nothing more important than feeling good. Feeling good keeps you in alignment with where you ultimately want to go and what you want. Make it your focus for the day.