Just for today…remind yourself how absolutely magnificent you are! Dream big! Live out loud!

Launching Deliberate Vibrations

Just for today…remind yourself that when you place your attention on what is lacking in your life you are actually launching a creation of ‘wanting’. Because it is based on lack you will be perpetuating the elusiveness of your desire. Start your day with a clear understanding that you are creating. In every moment you […]


Just for today…remind yourself that joy is not something to hope or wish for. Joy is not predicated on an external event. Joy is who you are. Unleash that glorious vibration and ride the wave.


Just for today…remind yourself that your attitude will dictate your vibration–and your vibration will dictate your experiences. If you are concerned as to what the day might bring…adjust your attitude. It isn’t ‘hard’ or ‘complicated’. You don’t have extenuating circumstances that override the universal laws. You can do it. Just use your power which is […]


We are energy in our truest form. We are all the same energy. Given we are all the same energy there is absolutely no way we are not going to ‘feel’ the variations of someone else’s expression of that energy. In that way, we are all empaths. Time and time again I hear people tell […]

Be smart

Just for today….remind yourself to get out of your own way. Focus less upon trying to direct the river to go in the direction you prefer. Trust in the Universe and go with its flow. It has infinite ways to get you to where you want to be. Be smart. Be the river–not the dam.

Choice and Change

Just for today…remind yourself that in every moment there is an opportunity to change things. It is not ‘time’ that heals or changes all things. It is what you do with the time that predicates change. You change things by the choices you make each moment.


Just for today…remind yourself that the spark within you will burst into flame when your passion is ignited. When searching for your direction allow your passion to light the way. When it does you will dance along your path with an inspired energy that will eternally fuel you.


Just for today…remind yourself that some distractions are entirely of benefit while others are not. Allowing external circumstances to frustrate you pulls you away from your wishes, hopes and dreams. When you feel the desire to judge yourself or others, when you feel frustration building or resentments mounting it is time to distract yourself with […]


Just for today….remind yourself that problems are inevitable. Misery is a choice.