Moments and Magic

Moments are an eternal bursting forth of opportunities and miracles. We are relentless magic that is Source itself. Be aware of yourself–your thoughts and feelings. Be joyful. Be eager. Live each day knowing you are the magic wand.

One Step At A Time

Just for today…remind yourself to keep moving forward–one step at a time. Be mindful each of those steps has its own vibrational tone because of how you feel and what you think as you take it. Trudging through life leads you down a path towards more of what you do not want. Trusting, believing and […]


Just for today…remind yourself that the expression of love should not be isolated for celebration on any specific day—but everyday. Neither is it about validating your self worth by determining who loves you. Love is an expression from the deepest core of your soul. It is who you are. Unleash it. Love all. Love life. […]


Just for today…remind yourself that your presence matters. YOU matter. Stand tall, be purposeful, smile easily, love consistently. When you do you offer others an opportunity to respond in kind.

Predictions versus Trends

As a psychic, people consistently expect predictions to flow through me like a raging river tumbling over a cliff. I do not dabble in predictory services simply because I have a keen sense of the power that we are. A prediction sets the target on future events and our belief creates the dynamic that moves […]

Intuition…or not

So often I am asked, “How do I know the difference between my intuition and my ego?” It is really very simple. Intuition has a subtle resonation and is effortless. It often comes through as inspiration which is a lovely feeling. When ego gets in the way the messages become dire or negative and there […]

Meant to be?

How many times have you heard or said, “It was meant to be….”? It is generally said with an air of resignation if the desire has not manifested and in a joyful tone if the desire did manifest. It is said from a vantage point of believing an unseen force dictates what can be had […]


Just for today…remind yourself there are no limits. We live in a universe of pure potentiality. If we fear, it is only because our own power within this field is foreign to us. Fear is the only limit we place upon ourselves. Walk through it into the place within yourself where all things are possible.

Power of perception

Just for today…remind yourself that challenges and obstacles are part of the natural flow of energy. They represent the opposite end of the spectrum of opportunities and gifts. Opportunities and gifts are empowering and wanted while challenges and obstacles are merely perceptions predicated on how powerless you believe yourself to be within them. Once you […]