The Spring season lends itself to a tangible awareness of new growth, new hope and new opportunities. Celebrate your newness. Breathe new life into your dreams and passion. Allow the freshness to inspire you in new directions. While Spring ignites excitement we should remember that every moment allows for a pristine new beginning. Rebirth. It […]


Just for today…remind yourself that magic is everywhere. You are the magic, expressing in every moment, creating your world as you think, choose and act. You are your own magic wand. Respect it, love it and most of all express it everywhere you go. Watch the magic happen!


Just for today…remind yourself that it is not about what others are saying or doing…it is what their actions or words stir within you. They simply touch wounds that already exist within you. Your reaction should be viewed as an awareness that something requires your attention and healing. Be kind and gentle with yourself…and others.


Just for today…remind yourself that all things manifest as a result of process. You can see this process everywhere. Seasons change, leaves bud, burst forth and fall to the ground. The sun rises and sets. Everything is cyclical. So it is with manifestations. They may not appear instantaneously. The joy and the journey is not […]


I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Differences make the world go around and serve to offer a certain texture to the tapestry we weave on a societal level, if not a personal one. While there are statements, fist-pumping and judgments abounding everywhere I look, it just seems fitting […]


Just for today..remind yourself that you are vastly more than what you see in the mirror. You are more than flesh, blood and bone. You are a magnificent energy that radiates through all time and space. You are far more powerful and profoundly greater than any challenge that you may face. Live like it!


Just for today…remind yourself that you are not alone in working toward your desires. You are tag teaming with the power that has the ability to create worlds. Be clear regarding your desire. Be excited because it is possible. Allow the Universe to unfold its magic just for you.


Just for today…remind yourself that you are not the same person you were yesterday. You emerge bright and new in each moment. You are transformation in effortless motion, unfolding yourself with every thought.


Just for today…remind yourself that you are unique. There is no one on this planet that is exactly like you. Let your individuality shine!


Just for today…remind yourself that you are a manifestation. You are a manifestation that perpetually manifests. You are the gift that keeps on giving.