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signs from spirit

We are never alone. We are always connected whether our loved ones are in a physical body or not. The energy that we all are is the same.

Loved ones that have withdrawn their focus from this physical world have transitioned to non-physical energy. They co-exist with us in every moment. From their non-physical vantage point they are still very much a part of our lives. They consistently show us signs that all is well; they are walking with us; they still love us and still encourage and inspire us.

For some who grieve the only acceptable sign is to have their loved one back in the physical once more. Spirit understands this and moves to inspire and encourage them forward in life and in joy. Signs abound and will keep showing up until such time as the grief has subsided, even for just one moment, allowing the light of awareness to filter through. When this happens, love is felt, hearts soar, loneliness dissolves, hope is restored and memories finally soothe the soul. In this way Spirit assists us through our grieving process.

Spirit signs do not appear as a Vegas-style floor show. They are subtle yet powerful, gentle but true and always loving. Our fives senses are utilized to deliver such messages. You might catch the fragrance of flowers or perfume that will remind you of someone specific. You may be inspired to look down on the pavement as you walk and find a bright penny, or look to the sky and see a feather floating in your direction. Spirit uses whatever is available and what it knows you love in order to capture your attention and invoke the memories of a past love with the hope that you will begin to see that the love still exists, eternally.

For me, I tend to see a single yellow rose, blooming on a completely barren rose bush in the dead of winter. It is always a different rose bush in completely different areas. I know it is from my dear friend, Lois, who is reminding me to slow down, take the time to enjoy the beauty of this physical plane while I am here. It also reminds me that she is still with me, ever watching and ever loving.

Signs from Spirit. They are real. They are powerful. All that is required to receive such signs is an awareness and an openness. Who is saying hello to you today?

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  1. Yes Ara you are SO right! Our loved ones do try so hard to get our attention. What a great post today! Thanks for sharing!

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