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I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Differences make the world go around and serve to offer a certain texture to the tapestry we weave on a societal level, if not a personal one. While there are statements, fist-pumping and judgments abounding everywhere I look, it just seems fitting that I take the time to revisit, rethink and review my own belief structure to either reinforce it, change it or allow it to be just as it is. Surely if others may express their rants then I am entitled to mine as well.

It is my preference during my lifetime to honour life. All life. Every human being on the planet is worthy and deserving of love, of being cared for, of having enough to eat well, be healthy and to feel joy. Yes, I said ‘all’. Life expresses in all forms be it human beings, animals, insects or plants etc. It is important for me to offer the respect, love and acknowledgement its existence commands simply because we are all forging through this cosmic soup together. All things are connected. Everything matters.

When it comes to love we all like to think we express unconditional love to one another–until such times as others choose to deviate from the expectations we form of what we should receive in return. I have come to understand in my own little way that love is who we innately are. When I think of the number of human beings that are in the world which is something in the neighbourhood of billions, it is vastly evident to me that love obviously exists in us, to us and through us. It abounds in all things and at all times. It isn’t the ability to love that is the culprit. It is the inability to receive love that is the issue.

It is my preference during this lifetime to love unconditionally. I do not see the merit in deciding which form of love is true and which is not. It is not my place to insist that only certain people are allowed to love each other, marry each other or co-habit with each other. Love is all encompassing and all abiding. When I free myself of the bondage of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ I leave my door wide open to express the love that I am. Judgment is no longer the gatekeeper that impedes the comings and goings of different expressions of the love that we are.
The world may seem like a dark and dreary place at times but in essence it is simply reflecting the number of closed doors that need to be opened.

In summation, reviewing my belief structure is a wonderful thing. It provides me an opportunity to reinforce that which I believe to be true for me and affords me yet another opportunity to change that which no longer resonates. So I thank all of you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with such zeal and passion. I have rekindled my own passion for that which I believe and now have certainty that my door is open.

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