It’s Time To Take Charge

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take charge

When I witness horrific events I can feel my heart break. I think we all do on some level. As human beings we will forever be connected through our emotions. Some events will emphasize this connection and it is expressed by collective outrage, grief and sorrow.

On a spiritual level I immediately turn to my belief that Source is perfect and therefore all things unfold in that perfection. I, like everyone else, am challenged to see the perfection of some things I witness each day. However, it is important to understand that even though I cannot see it, it does not mean it isn’t there.

As a Medium I live by the fact that there is more going on than what is readily seen. I have found that it applies to all things. Once we move ourselves above our knee jerk reactions and outrage we begin to understand there is always a bigger picture at play.

When I view my world through this lens I almost find what I see insulting to my senses. I see pain. I see injustice. I see an imbalance with humanity. I see lies. I see a perpetuation of pain and anguish, terror and fear. It is time. It is time to collectively awaken and take charge. Take charge of what though? Take charge of ourselves. In order for our world to change, we must change.

It’s time to understand that terrorism is not an external arbitrary event. It is our collective fear manifested. It could not manifest if we did not hold it within ourselves. Fear is consistently catered to by the media and governments that claim be to protecting us. We cannot be protected from ourselves.

It is time to move beyond the veil of judgment, rightness, wrongness, godliness and evil. It doesn’t matter how justified one is in how they feel–if one life is taken to cause that justification then your feeling of ‘rightness’ cannot be ‘right’ enough to make a difference. If our ‘rightness’ and ‘justification’ was enough to change things then it would have long ago.

Yes. It’s time to get over ourselves. We need to wake up. It is time to stand strong in the knowledge of who we truly are. It is time to let go of our pettiness, our need to point fingers, our need for retaliation. It is time to face the fact that we have been conditioned into a way of being that is not comfortable and it is that discomfort that is perpetuated on every news program and every talking head on those programs.

Wake up to the fact that there is a grand illusion that is becoming more and more noticeable every day. Why is it that during 9/11 there were teams of first responders actually taking part in an ‘exercise’ involving planes jettisoning into the World Trade Center. Why is it that there were teams of first responders actually taking part in an ‘exercise’ in London, England involving bombs detonating on double decker buses. Why is it that we are once again told that there were first responders in Boston, MA that were taking part in an ‘exercise’ involving bombs exploding during the Boston Marathon. The news repeatedly airs the trauma and the terror of it to keep us all in a state of fear. It is sad but moreover it is insulting to see the same ‘story’ and it will continue to be used until we wake up from our fearful slumber. It is time to stop the fear within us. No one can do that but us. It’s time to wake up and not accept what is spoon fed by the news and our governments.

It is time to understand and acknowledge that what we experience periodically is something that is experienced by other countries every single day. Mothers mourn, children suffer, families grieve. It is all a collective manifestation of the fear within us all.

Does this sound like a conspiracy theory? Perhaps to some it might. However, as a Medium I live my life paying attention to vibrations, patterns of vibrations and alignment of vibrations. I also live my life with an innate understanding that we are more than the flesh and bone we see in the mirror everyday. The unseen exists and is ‘alive’ even in your unawareness of it.

It’s time. It’s time to be aware. It’s time to take back our power. It’s time to live as we were meant to live.

Take charge.

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