Just for today…remember that you are amazing…just the way you are. Shine your awesomeness!! It not only lights up your life…but it lights up the world too!

Knotty Behaviour

Just for today….remind yourself that the only good thing about tying yourself up in mental and emotional knots is how good it feels when you untie them. Just allow all things to be. There is a magnificent sensation of relief when you do.

Life Puzzle

There always seems to be a great mystery unfolding. Your reality becomes an eddy of analysis and anticipation, questioning. You try to make all the puzzle pieces fit. A key piece always seems to be missing. A vibrational dance ensues where you step into an answer that instantly disappears until you happen upon the next. […]

Cosmic Math

Cosmic Math The Universe is (+) or positive and inclusive. There is no (-) or negativity or exclusion. Therefore, you cannot (-) or take anything away from the universe just because you do not like nor want something. There is only (+) which is ever increasing and expanding. Being (-) is in direct opposition to […]


Just for today….remember that life has no limitations. You are life. You have no limitations. When you stop insisting on being one you experience your freedom.


Just for today…remember to shine your light brilliantly. Let the real you illuminate everything around you in spite tragedy; in spite of perceived ideas; in spite of negativity. Shine. You may never know the impact your light has on another…and the world.

Calling All Angels Oklahoma….our hearts and prayers are with you.

Be happy!

Just for today…remind yourself that change occurs the moment you choose to feel happy in spite of what is going on. You are that powerful. Choose…and change.


Just for today…remind yourself there is only one flow of life and that is the pure positive flow of well being. It is who you are. If you do not feel it then you know your work is to align back into the power that you are. There is only one force. There is only […]


Just for today…do not stress if a solution to a current issue has not yet presented itself. You cannot find a solution if you are consistently focused upon the problem. Allow yourself room to breathe. Let it all go and turn your attention to something more pleasing. This is not a form of denial. This […]