Cosmic Math


positive and negative
Cosmic Math

The Universe is (+) or positive and inclusive. There is no (-) or negativity or exclusion.

Therefore, you cannot (-) or take anything away from the universe just because you do not like nor want something.

There is only (+) which is ever increasing and expanding.

Being (-) is in direct opposition to the flow of who you are. The (-)’s are born of your perception and can be transmuted to (+) the moment you choose to view them differently.

The universal flow cannot (-) or be decreased. This is why being (+) works.

Be (+) in spite of what seems to be going on around you. Resistance is futile.

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  1. Really like your post. Not entirely sure if you were going for it, but you are describing the law of attraction to a t. I guess I just answered my own question lol anyway really good article. Reminds of me of Abraham-Hicks.

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