Just for today…remind yourself that no matter how clever the human disguise the underlying current of energy is all the same. Treat each other with dignity, respect and most of all, with love.


Choices are vastly interesting to me. I have learned to discern appropriate steps by intuiting and then allowing the resonation to guide me. When one follows their heart in this way then one is assured that the steps that follow will be of benefit. The ‘be of benefit’ portion is what can set one back […]

Shine bright!

Just for today…remind yourself that whatever stormy dynamic you find yourself in…remember it is then that you shine your brightest. Hang on. Keep shining your incredible light!

The 3rd Annual Afterlife Conference June 21 – 23 2013 St. Louis, Missouri!

3rd Annual Afterlife Conference There will be silence on my blog for the next few days! I will be presenting at the 3rd Annual Afterlife Conference in St. Louis, Missouri! Lots of personal sessions, group sessions and a mediumship demonstration. I will be skyping in from St. Louis to co-host Virtual Vision FM. Hope you […]


“All things are possible. There are no limits. Stop trying to be one.” ~ The Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

Amazing Journey

There is something so delectably delicious about the feeling of renewal–a shift–a new phase beginning. Initially, it can knock you around somewhat but when the dust settles and you brush off the residue there is a new found clarity that surfaces. While I may not know what has happened on a vibrational level, I know […]

Meant to be

So many times I hear people say, “If it is meant to be, it will be.” To me, nothing could be further from the truth. There is no external power dictating what you may have or do or want or say. There is no external power that determines what will happen. Remember this–‘What will be” […]

No such thing as mistakes!

Just for today…remind yourself that there are no such things as mistakes! There are only choices. Good choices, better choices and best choices. All are predicated on the information you have in the moment. Take the pressure off yourself. Know that no matter what choice is made it will always lead you to where you […]

Those Three Little Words

Just for today…remove three little words from your vocabulary in regard to your conversations with others and in your self talk. Those words are “don’t, not and no”. When we exclude these words we are compelled to offer expressions of what we want from a vantage point of what we prefer. The Universe automatically responds […]

Tune in today!! 3pmPST/5pmCST/6pmEST with Suzane Northrop!!

I will be on Suzane Northrop’s radio show discussing the upcoming Afterlife Conference in St. Louis AND doing on-air readings!! Listen Live: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/suzanenorthrop/2013/06/10/ara-parisien–unleash-the-spirit-within