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Choices are vastly interesting to me. I have learned to discern appropriate steps by intuiting and then allowing the resonation to guide me. When one follows their heart in this way then one is assured that the steps that follow will be of benefit. The ‘be of benefit’ portion is what can set one back on their heels if they do not have a firm grasp and belief in who they truly are.

The Universe will use any and all situations and dynamics to bring about an opportunity for you to change Self belief structures or reinforce them. It is perfect in its delivery even though at first glance you feel you have been thrown into a rabid bat cave. Experiences such as this are gifts if they are accepted as such.

It has often been said that I tend to be too idealistic. It is always mentioned to me in a cautionary fashion as if to warn me that I am leaving myself vulnerable to energies that do not have my best interests at heart. They mean well and I listen, however, I also know that my vulnerabilities reflect that my heart is open to all people, to all events and to all circumstances. I have lived most of my life behind barriers so as to protect myself. When I realized that I was only protecting myself from other people’s barricades of the heart I learned that my task was to demonstrate courage, integrity and the willingness to continue being the best ‘me’ I could be. I do not preach. I do not attempt to convince. I am not on a crusade. I simply live my life with conviction, passion and integrity. I believe in living out loud.

Nonetheless, I am always surprised when a lesson comes my way from a contrary source. I believe that my vibration will attract like vibrations where barriers are unnecessary. It should be a free exchange of energies with like hearted people. What I need to dedicate more focus to is the fact that the Universe will always provide mirrors for me to change or reinforce current belief structures as stated earlier. Reflections not only reveal what is inside you but also what was inside you. You have a choice to make in every moment which feels better and then claim it, act on it and ultimately live it. You have a choice in each moment to revert to past vibrations so as to conform with what is around you or to claim your integrity and reinforce it. It’s that simple but still takes strength, courage, conviction, passion and integrity.

There will always be those around you with smiling eyes and pretty words. Always remember that actions speak louder than words. People will always express their dominate vibration no matter the words they speak. When the realization hits that your best interests are being carved by unseen knives it is then that you are presented with the biggest choice of all. Do you focus on the knives or do you focus on your own power. I will choose my own power each and every time as it is far more powerful than infinite knives.

It is not the knives that inflict the pain and unease. It is your own misalignment with who you truly are. Buckminster Fuller once said, “What other people think of me is none of my business”. Truer words were never spoken. Perceptions of one another does not equate to truth. Know your own truth. Choose your authentic power over the knives. Stand strong in who you are. Believe in your ability, your passion and your direction. No one can ever take it away from you unless you let them.

When you can stand firm, unwavering and in your truth then you are fully connected and in a place where you can see clearly. Today I stand radiating my integrity. My light has not dimmed. In fact it is shining more brightly than before. Perhaps my integrity will shine so bright that it will assist others in finding theirs. I have no expectations that it might but as we all know the Universe will use every situation to provide opportunities when and where we least expect it.

Integrity. Be your own walking, talking example. You won’t be sorry.

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  1. SPOT ON Ms. Ara!!! I always say the Universe operates on a need to know basis and I don’t need to know what you think of me…I only need know what I think of me. So very well put Ara…I will repost to my facebook page with your name of course…love it and you….blessings

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