Once again I have been receiving emails and messages from ’empaths’ asking me how they can best shield themselves from others’ negativity. Firstly, we need to bring the ’empath’ story back to home base. We are all empaths. We are all the same energy. How can we not feel the energy shifts of others? Secondly, we are mirrors for each other. Mirrors. This speaks of reflection. We reflect to each other in every moment. One cannot reflect what is not within. This speaks to the reflection indicating there is something needed to be healed within YOU. It is a gift for YOU. It is only of benefit to YOU. It is showing YOU what you hold within you that requires your attention. There is never a need to shield ourselves from one another simply because we may not like what we see/feel/hear from another. To do so only distracts from the work that is being asked of you. Thirdly, we can only attract to us that which is in us. This is the universal Law of Attraction. It is obligated to respond to our own vibration. If your attention is focused on what is ‘wrong’ with others then perhaps it is your Inner Being’s way of communicating that there is something ‘wrong’ within that needs your loving attention. We tend to live externally and label our reactions as someone else’s doing instead of working on raising our own vibration through the healing of our emotional baggage. Fourth and finally, we should remind ourselves that it is equally possible to tune into someone’s joy instead of their pain. That too is a reflection and a reflection worth striving for. Rule of thumb—give more focus to the energetic contribution you are making in all your interactions with others instead of being so mindful of what you are getting. When you do your life is uplifted and so is everyone around you.


Be Brave

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Just for today…remind yourself when your light shines into darker corners it sends darkness scattering for safety. When this occurs know that it has nothing to do with you. However, depending on your reaction to it, it might be that it is reflecting the darkness still residing in you. Spend more time focused on healing Self through the process and give less focus to those who have scattered. Know with certainty than when you deal with your own dark little corners within you will be focused in an appropriate direction and moving back into alignment with your authentic power. We all have the same opportunities. We all receive the same gifts of opportunity. Give yourself the dignity of your own efforts. Some will. Some won’t. It matters not what others choose. It matters most what you choose. Just be brave, take heart and know you are being afforded the opportunity for growth and expansion. When all is said and done, a shiny new you–stronger, better, bolder and brighter than before will emerge. There is nothing on this planet like you. Cherish it. Nurture it. Love it.

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Go With The Flow

If there is one thing I know about the Universe it is that all things are energy. Everything is energy. When one can grasp the magnitude of the concept of energy then one has grasped a piece of the puzzle of the great mystery.

Energy is everything. Consider how you feel in each moment. That is energy being swayed by your very thought. We tend to think that others are responsible for how we feel. They are not. What is actually going on is that you are feeling how others are flowing their energy at any point in time. Your task is to choose whether to engage in their flow or not—not judge it. It is in the judgment of how others are choosing to flow their energy that we meet one of our greatest challenges and that is to not take things personally.

How others choose to flow their energy is not at issue. What is at issue is ‘that’ they are choosing to flow it in a specific way. We all have a choice to flow energy whichever way we choose. If someone is flowing their energy in a way that makes us feel good it is indicative of an alignment of energy. If someone is flowing their energy in a way that doesn’t make us feel good it is indicative of a misalignment of energy. There is no harm nor foul. It just is. If we can notice ‘what is’ and be mindful of how we are flowing our energy than much of the conflict in this world would dissolve, first on an individual level and then on a global level. We seem to be too intent on pointing fingers, crying foul and judging someone else’s choices as being right or wrong.

Know yourself well enough that you can tell in each moment that you are in alignment with who you truly are. It is the only alignment that matters. When you do you will be less prone to judge what others are doing. You will also see the magic of the Universe unfold as when there is a misalignment of energy the Universe cannot place you in the same room let alone on the same block. Misalignments repel easily if we are not holding onto them in our attempt to justify how right we are.

You are in control. You are flowing your energy in specific ways with every thought you have and every choice you make. Be more mindful on your own alignment than on others. Know that true alignment feels good. There is nothing else more important than how you feel. There is nothing more important than alignment with Source itself.

Keep flowing!