Once again I have been receiving emails and messages from ’empaths’ asking me how they can best shield themselves from others’ negativity. Firstly, we need to bring the ’empath’ story back to home base. We are all empaths. We are all the same energy. How can we not feel the energy shifts of others? Secondly, we are mirrors for each other. Mirrors. This speaks of reflection. We reflect to each other in every moment. One cannot reflect what is not within. This speaks to the reflection indicating there is something needed to be healed within YOU. It is a gift for YOU. It is only of benefit to YOU. It is showing YOU what you hold within you that requires your attention. There is never a need to shield ourselves from one another simply because we may not like what we see/feel/hear from another. To do so only distracts from the work that is being asked of you. Thirdly, we can only attract to us that which is in us. This is the universal Law of Attraction. It is obligated to respond to our own vibration. If your attention is focused on what is ‘wrong’ with others then perhaps it is your Inner Being’s way of communicating that there is something ‘wrong’ within that needs your loving attention. We tend to live externally and label our reactions as someone else’s doing instead of working on raising our own vibration through the healing of our emotional baggage. Fourth and finally, we should remind ourselves that it is equally possible to tune into someone’s joy instead of their pain. That too is a reflection and a reflection worth striving for. Rule of thumb—give more focus to the energetic contribution you are making in all your interactions with others instead of being so mindful of what you are getting. When you do your life is uplifted and so is everyone around you.

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  1. Ara once again you hit the nail on the head. It’s giving vs receiving and then it all works out. Always something new to think about with your wonderful posts…thanks

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