Do Your Part


peace We are in challenging times. It pains me when I hear many say they want world peace but feel that ‘others’ are the ones who can effect that peace. If the truth were known, what we see going on ‘out there’ in the world is a direct reflection of what is going on within all of us as a collective consciousness. We still fear. We still hate. We still feel that ‘might’ and ‘right’ are the requirements to ‘win’ peace. We need to drop the pretense that we are better, bolder, stronger and righter than anyone else. We might start to see we all carry the same fears, the same wounds and the same power. We need to heal those dark recesses within ourselves that trigger our fear…especially our fear of one another. We need to remember we are all one. There is no separation. If we kill to jockey for political power and position under the pretense that we are ‘aiding and assisting’ then we are deeply rooted in the fear that we are powerless, helpless and in need of saving. We need to stop believing in everything we are being told to believe. To kill, to maim, to wound, to cause suffering in the name of peace is preposterous. We are only doing it to ourselves. Wake up. We cannot kill for peace, we cannot fight for peace and we certainly cannot win peace. Peace is something we give because it is something we are. Do your part. Please. Search for peace within yourselves and then live that peace every day. Will it work overnight? Oddly enough…if there was enough love and respect for life and each other it would have an effective impact. If we each healed our own wounds we would not have need to wound another. Claim peace within yourself…if we all just did that much…what a wonderful world it would be.

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  1. Well you did it again…Spot on lady! If we just believed we were all one and part of Source of all that is How then could we be so mean to ourselves! ~

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