Unconditional Love

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unconditionalLoveexpectsnorewardknowsnofeardoesnotdemand...ThisUniversalLanguagejustsharesloveandpeaceandcanbeunderstoodinthewholeuniverse Just for today…remind yourself that your well being and happiness is not predicated on anyone else. Allow people to be who they are. Understand that those around you do not need your permission to behave any way that they wish. Your hurt and disappointment is a result of unfulfilled conditions you had placed upon them. Placing conditions on others is not unconditional love–having expectations of other is not unconditional love–judging others is not unconditional love. Allowing, accepting and loving no matter what others are doing is unconditional love. Do not allow your perceptions to cloud the truth of who we all are. We are unconditional love. Allow it. Live it. Be it.

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