Gift or Ability?


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So many times people have told me I have a gift when it comes to all things psychic and in connecting to Spirit. I have never seen it as such. I have always believed what I have is an ability. The gift is what it provides the recipient.

I have an ability. I understand the nature of energy and am able to interpret subtle vibrational shifts in its pattern as well as interpret the vibrational data offered by Spirit. People claim it is a gift because they believe I am doing something that they cannot. Applying this over a broader spectrum it appears an automobile mechanic has a gift because he can fix my vehicle where I cannot. It is an ability that is honed by practice, passion and commitment.

The gift is specifically meant for the receiver. To see hearts lighten, guilt dissolved and love flowing freely amid the pain and despair of loss is indeed very powerful. Lives are transformed by messages from Spirit and that, at least in my estimation, is a formidable gift that frees one from imagined chains and encourages people to live joyfully in spite of what they feel they have lost. What a gift that is!

Spirit connection happens. It can happen to all of us with or without the benefit of a medium. It is not the medium that is the gift. The medium is merely the conduit by which the gift travels. The medium is a mechanism that, with the cooperation of Spirit, can offer the most incredible gift of all—healing—and the encouragement to live.

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  1. Absolutely positively 100% YES AMEN! I love the way you think 🙂

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