I Am Only Human

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only human

I am only human.

How many times have you said this or heard this? Have you ever noticed it is said mainly when there is despair or failure prevalent? It never seems to be a thought or ever spoken when joy is abounding. Why is that? Think about it.

We hear of the ‘perfection’ that we are and we balk. When we feel that cognitive dissonance and insist we are not perfect we are actually claiming our imperfection. When we do we also claim our powerlessness.

The truth of the matter is we ARE human. We are here to feel; we are here to experience; we are here to create. We are spiritual energy. We are soul. We are here to awaken our humanness and understand the power we innately are. This power allows us to rise above our humanness and experience the glorious love that we truly are. We are bigger than our fears, larger than our pain, and infinitely more formidable than any challenge we encounter.

When joy is present, when happiness wells within you there is no thought of being ‘only human’. You are swirling in the vibration of pure love that beckons you to remember that this, this magnificent state of pure joy, is who you truly are.

Next time you hear or say, “I’m only human,” think again and remember.

We are perfect. The humanness that we are sets the stage to enable us to rise above our own perceptions. Claiming your powerlessness only keeps you feeling powerless.

Yes we are human but we are so… much… more.

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