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There is always more to know….

mist and waves

Wow…I am back from an absolutely fantastic walk on the beach. There is nothing like the sound of the waves and the wind in your hair to restore faith and clarity! As I sat for a time I noticed there was a thick mist blanketing the usually vibrant shoreline off in the distance. As I watched for a few minutes it began to lighten and I began to see the scenery behind it. The waves demanded my attention as they relentlessly crashed forward, then pulled back, revealing shoals that were previously unseen. I marveled at the power and force of it all. Suddenly, the Council was speaking with me acknowledging that as I have now witnessed what ‘lays beneath’ here on this beach and over behind the mist in the distance, so have I seen the depths of another. “There is always more to see and more to know. Be grateful for the tides of time for they will always reveal what initially had been obscured. Love all—in spite of the expression that rises out of their depths.”

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Your Innate Power


“The only people who vociferously protest the power that is innate in all of you are the ones that are not using it. The only people who loudly proclaim the inappropriateness of seeking alignment with All There Is are the ones who have not yet done so. The only people who judge the process of alignment are the ones that are still in the throes of their own self-discovery for it is they that do not understand their own power yet are quick to judge another for using theirs. So what do you use this ‘power that you are’ for? It is through a sustained alignment to All There Is that all things come—things such as being of purer service, a more knowledgeable teacher, a more powerful healer and a more joyful experiencer of life. Yes, when alignment is sustained all things come—even the more tangible things. They are just as fruitful and reverent as the intangible things. Seek alignment, not judgment. Seek alignment, not the excuses that keep you from it.” ~ The Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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A Message From The Universe

dallas road 3

This morning I spent some quality time communing with my Guides and the Universe. I was eager to ask their assistance in shifting my rather stale-feeling vibration of late. Inspiration has been flowing but suddenly tapers off to a dull thud. I wanted some guidance in buoying it up and keeping it where it belongs. After meditation and feeling a bit of relief from it I decided to get out in the sunshine and go for a walk.

As I was walking the Dallas Road waterfront (and yes the picture above is a picture of part of it) I immediately came upon an older couple who were looking around at the scenery. The woman stopped me and asked if the path went on much farther. I explained it went on quite a ways and was well worth the walk. She thanked me and as I turned to leave it struck me that they weren’t from Victoria so I hesitated and asked where they were from. They told me they were from Central Texas and then went on to rave about the beauty of the ocean and Victoria. As we talked we walked together and I filled them in about the area. We slowed to a stop and she said they should get going as they were catching the Clipper to Seattle and then to the airport for their flight back to Texas. I wished them a safe journey and just as I was about to leave she reached out and patted my arm and said thanks. Then she said….”Have a happy life.” I was stunned into silence and she looked altogether awkward and blushed saying, “Not sure why I said that…” I let her know I knew exactly why she had and I thanked her for it and we parted ways.

“Have a happy life.” Yes! How often do we become completely blinded in life – blinded by worry, debt, despair. We are here TO be happy but we have been utterly conditioned otherwise. I see posts on Facebook celebrating struggles and how they only come to the strong. Here is a news flash – they come to all of us. You aren’t rewarded with suffering because you are strong – it is just that typically only the strong minded can navigate through to calmer waters. It’s time we stopped celebrating our pain, anguish and problems and start embracing a new way to be.

“Have a happy life.” Yes! We can offer ourselves a respite from our woes just by doing something different; by appreciating that which is right under our nose; by being grateful that the sky is blue, the grass is green and flowers come in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes (as do we all but that is another article altogether) to be enjoyed. Choosing to appreciate what is around us in the moment does not equate to irresponsibility or denial of what we are perceiving ourselves to be going through. It has everything to do with giving ourselves a much needed lift so that the solutions to our issues float to us. We are worth it.

“Have a happy life.” Yes! A much needed message from the Universe in the guise of a perfect stranger—who is definitely perfect but in the grander scheme of things is definitely no stranger. Message received, dear Universe. Well played.

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Claim your worthiness…from the Council of 12


There is a freedom in understanding and then claiming your worthiness. It opens doors not previously seen, it closes pathways that echo the past, it shines the light on the pure potentiality that you are. Seize the moment, rejoice in the acknowledgement and love the you that you came here to be. It is all for you…by you…and most definitely because of you. ~ Ara Parisien via the Council of 12

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Meant To Be?


Are some things really meant to be?

There is only one flow to life and that is the pure and positive flow of well-being. In fact we ARE this flow. We are because there is only one thing at the baser level and that is energy. We can experience different perspectives of that flow given how we think, believe and feel. It is that simple.

We live in constant movement, constant flow. We are never static. Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings direct the flow. The eternal push, pull and power of this flow is magical. We create in every moment. We create our future experiences every moment—right here, right now.

How can something be mean’ to be? Consider it cannot be any other way other than what you have directed the flow to do by your past thoughts, feelings and beliefs. You are that powerful, that creative.

How will you ride the wave that is ultimately you today? Think about it…your future awaits!

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Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world! Celebrate your moms today as best you can—they deserve it! There are those who will be remembering their mother who is now in spirit—celebrate her for she will know it/feel it/sense it for she hasn’t really left you at all. There are mothers who have lost their children so this day may be especially challenging—celebrate them, include them as today they may particularly be feeling their loss. Lastly, for mothers who have grown daughters who are now mothers—stand proud and celebrate them because if your daughter is anything like mine you are no doubt in awe each day of what a wonderful mother she is. Today is for celebration. You are all just…so…spectacular.


What I am noticing….


Good morning world! I have been up before the sun feeling invigorated and inspired! I poured my coffee and read/responded to emails and then turned my attention to Facebook. I am really not all that enamoured with it these days as there seems to be too many ads in the News Feed and not enough content from Friends and when there is it is almost a day old. It might be time to find another social networking platform. However, from what I did read this morning I noticed a few things that made me wonder. When I wonder, I write.

I have noticed that people can get right on board with posts that depict some of the wrongness of the world like violence, animal cruelty, gender inequality, LGBT marriages and agree we need a free-flowing stream of Love that heals all and embraces differences. I have noticed that these issues, often at arms length as they occur ‘elsewhere’ are easy to ride on the proverbial band wagon with ardent fist-pumping. Yet I have noticed these same people turning on others with a brand of venom that surely would never be spoken to a person’s face but somehow seems proper in the ethers of Facebook. I have noticed that rallying friends on the other side of the computer screen seems to offer some sort of validation to the rightness of their feelings and ultimately their behaviour. If one has a disagreement with another it should be discussed with that person. If no common ground can be found it is simply the Universe showing that there is no longer an energetic alignment and it is time to move on. So move on. No need to air the poison as it serves no one.

I have noticed that it is true that if we want what we perceive as wrong in our world to be corrected we need to be correct in ourselves and to each other. This battle between the dark and the light is within Self—not with other people. Perhaps pay more attention to why you feel the need to express your anger publically for there will be the clue to what needs your attention. It is never about others.

We can all agree there is a huge macrocosm of problems looming over our plane of existence but I fail to see how we can collectively heal and change them if we are so focused upon the microcosm in the way that we are. We owe it to ourselves, each other and indeed the world to BE the change. It won’t change by itself. It changes by how we, each and every one of us, deal with our shadows within. Shine some light where it can do the most good and take responsibility of what it shows you. You cannot begin to change it if you do not own it. Heal the inner pain that has allowed your history to be repeated over and over. It’s time. The true you is longing for breath. Unconditional love is yearning to be expressed. You are so worth the dignity of this kind of effort. So is the world…and it is waiting.

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Unconditional Love


Here I go again….unconditional love. We cannot ever be the unconditional love that we innately are if we are too busy pointing fingers at others. Unconditional love applies across the board, in all things at all times. Unconditional love applies in all instances no matter how ugly or dire. There are so many that truly feel that they love unconditionally but then augment their statement or expression of it by saying…”Oh except for THAT..or THEM..it is just not right!” Oddly enough no matter what the event or experience that prompted this augmentation it is the perfect time to love anyway! We cannot claim unconditional love if we consistently judge others. Unconditional love may be expressed easily where conformity exists—but we didn’t come here to conform. We came here to learn different things by asking different questions and making different choices. Unconditional love is the most powerful when it is the most difficult to express. This is when the rubber meets the road.

I can hear people now claiming I have a Pollyanna attitude or I am not taking into consideration all the truly evil events like 9/11 or the Holocaust (oddly enough at times like this people will draw their trump card which is always the most horrific event they can recall). Souls are souls. Each has the magnificence and ability to rise above any situation and with crystal clarity know that there is only love—or the calling out to remember the love that they are. Instead we lay blame, seek justice and punish forever the evolving soul. I fail to see the unconditional love in that. So to all the people I love—I love you unconditionally. To all the people who chose to move away from alignment with me—I love you unconditionally. To all the people who have criticized me, attempted to tear me down, who have judged me and hurt me — I realize that the unconditional love I hold for all of you is more powerful than anything that can be done to me. I have learned that when there is no forgiveness there is no unconditional love. I have learned to forgive without qualification. Thank you for helping me understand my power and who I am. I am love—without conditions. Always. So are you.