There is always more to know….

Wow…I am back from an absolutely fantastic walk on the beach. There is nothing like the sound of the waves and the wind in your hair to restore faith and clarity! As I sat for a time I noticed there was a thick mist blanketing the usually vibrant shoreline off in the distance. As I […]

Your Innate Power

“The only people who vociferously protest the power that is innate in all of you are the ones that are not using it. The only people who loudly proclaim the inappropriateness of seeking alignment with All There Is are the ones who have not yet done so. The only people who judge the process of […]

A Message From The Universe

This morning I spent some quality time communing with my Guides and the Universe. I was eager to ask their assistance in shifting my rather stale-feeling vibration of late. Inspiration has been flowing but suddenly tapers off to a dull thud. I wanted some guidance in buoying it up and keeping it where it belongs. […]

Claim your worthiness…from the Council of 12

There is a freedom in understanding and then claiming your worthiness. It opens doors not previously seen, it closes pathways that echo the past, it shines the light on the pure potentiality that you are. Seize the moment, rejoice in the acknowledgement and love the you that you came here to be. It is all […]

Meant To Be?

Are some things really meant to be? There is only one flow to life and that is the pure and positive flow of well-being. In fact we ARE this flow. We are because there is only one thing at the baser level and that is energy. We can experience different perspectives of that flow given […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world! Celebrate your moms today as best you can—they deserve it! There are those who will be remembering their mother who is now in spirit—celebrate her for she will know it/feel it/sense it for she hasn’t really left you at all. There are mothers who have […]

What I am noticing….

Good morning world! I have been up before the sun feeling invigorated and inspired! I poured my coffee and read/responded to emails and then turned my attention to Facebook. I am really not all that enamoured with it these days as there seems to be too many ads in the News Feed and not enough […]

Unconditional Love

Here I go again….unconditional love. We cannot ever be the unconditional love that we innately are if we are too busy pointing fingers at others. Unconditional love applies across the board, in all things at all times. Unconditional love applies in all instances no matter how ugly or dire. There are so many that truly […]