Unconditional Love

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Here I go again….unconditional love. We cannot ever be the unconditional love that we innately are if we are too busy pointing fingers at others. Unconditional love applies across the board, in all things at all times. Unconditional love applies in all instances no matter how ugly or dire. There are so many that truly feel that they love unconditionally but then augment their statement or expression of it by saying…”Oh except for THAT..or THEM..it is just not right!” Oddly enough no matter what the event or experience that prompted this augmentation it is the perfect time to love anyway! We cannot claim unconditional love if we consistently judge others. Unconditional love may be expressed easily where conformity exists—but we didn’t come here to conform. We came here to learn different things by asking different questions and making different choices. Unconditional love is the most powerful when it is the most difficult to express. This is when the rubber meets the road.

I can hear people now claiming I have a Pollyanna attitude or I am not taking into consideration all the truly evil events like 9/11 or the Holocaust (oddly enough at times like this people will draw their trump card which is always the most horrific event they can recall). Souls are souls. Each has the magnificence and ability to rise above any situation and with crystal clarity know that there is only love—or the calling out to remember the love that they are. Instead we lay blame, seek justice and punish forever the evolving soul. I fail to see the unconditional love in that. So to all the people I love—I love you unconditionally. To all the people who chose to move away from alignment with me—I love you unconditionally. To all the people who have criticized me, attempted to tear me down, who have judged me and hurt me — I realize that the unconditional love I hold for all of you is more powerful than anything that can be done to me. I have learned that when there is no forgiveness there is no unconditional love. I have learned to forgive without qualification. Thank you for helping me understand my power and who I am. I am love—without conditions. Always. So are you.

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