Your Innate Power

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“The only people who vociferously protest the power that is innate in all of you are the ones that are not using it. The only people who loudly proclaim the inappropriateness of seeking alignment with All There Is are the ones who have not yet done so. The only people who judge the process of alignment are the ones that are still in the throes of their own self-discovery for it is they that do not understand their own power yet are quick to judge another for using theirs. So what do you use this ‘power that you are’ for? It is through a sustained alignment to All There Is that all things come—things such as being of purer service, a more knowledgeable teacher, a more powerful healer and a more joyful experiencer of life. Yes, when alignment is sustained all things come—even the more tangible things. They are just as fruitful and reverent as the intangible things. Seek alignment, not judgment. Seek alignment, not the excuses that keep you from it.” ~ The Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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