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Trust the Path

bridge in mist

The time is here…and now. It always has been. Know your heart. Feel the passion rising within. Trust it. Nothing ever requires a giant leap of faith. Just keep inspiring Self forward and with each step you take in passion a plank will appear underfoot to support your walk. All you need do is move forward in trust, act only when inspired, and enjoy the magic as it unfolds in you, around you and for you. Bridges to your desires are always built in this way. There is no leaping off cliffs, no wings are required. There is only trust, passion and bridges to carry you. ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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Letting Go

letting go

“You are all here to Let Go. You are all here to Let Go of conditioning; of paradigms that no longer serve who you have become; of people who demonstrate an alignment not like your own; of loving in a way that speaks of possession. You are here to Let Go—not to hang on with a sense of entitlement that dissolves into attachment or ownership. It is okay to Let Go for it is in the letting go that freshness brightens clarity and new paths are discovered. Know these new paths are just as temporary as the ones you are leaving behind. Everything about you changes and evolves because that is why you are here. Expansion! You cannot grow and expand if you insist on holding onto what you believe you had. Allow the magic to work with you. Let go—and fly. Soaring is your natural proclivity–always.” ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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Strength focus

“Strength” seems to be the word of the week for me. We all need to have strength to get through challenging times. Often people tell us to be strong or stay strong. To me it means something a little different than ‘being strong enough to endure’ challenging times.
True strength comes via our own innate power. Our strength is actually the ability to focus on something other than what created the need for strength. We have this incredible focus that yields whatever we give our attention to. Why would we not use it to soothe Self instead of expand that which causes the heartache?
Strength….yes….we can be strong by using our focus. Life is too precious to only exist and endure. Life is for living and extracting the very best components in each and every moment.
Be strong. Focus appropriately.

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soul purpose

“We have watched you all fret over knowing with certainty what your purpose in physical form actually is. For some it is a sporadic, random thought. For others it is a paralyzing thought which keeps them from living freely as they worry they might be doing the wrong thing or might miss the signs of what it is altogether. We wish to offer clarity on this.

First, you have it backward. The expectation is not for you to think about what your purpose is and then live it singularly with intense focus, concerned only about your alignment with it each step you take. Your purpose is to experience physical life fully–with passion and joy in spite of the contrasting events which take place from time to time. The soul will align with the purpose of each event and not the other way around.
Second, we know you have all agreed to do, be or have certain roles on a soul level. You will know you are aligned with this soul ‘purpose’ when passion is ignited. Know that passion can burn as a raging bonfire or as weak and fleeting as the striking of a match in a wind storm. It matters not. The soul will align with the passion that is experienced. It is not something any of you need to force into place. Your task is to feel it—experience it.
Lastly, it is understanding the purpose for you is to live and experience fully. This allows passion to be triggered in the smallest of things. If you keep your eye on the lofty or more grandiose concepts and plans you will miss the subtle triggers that make your soul sing.
It is not you who needs to align with your purpose. It is you that needs to be the experiencer so your soul has the opportunity to align—which it will—in big ways or small.

When you allow soul to align with the purpose in each moment you will realize the ultimate alignment you have been seeking simply ‘happens’. Alignment with your soul purpose in this way allows you to reach new heights that maintain themselves effortlessly. All that is necessary is that you allow yourself to BE the experiencer of all things, such as a flower, a child, a storm, an incredible meal, the passing of a loved one, with a zest and zeal for each moment you experience. Be present in each and every moment. Difficult as some moments are please remember that the depth of your despair is only indicative of the depth of joy and wisdom that the experience offers. Focus on the joy.

Your purpose is to allow your soul to align in all things, joyously in every moment.” ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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Total Impact


We are all here for magnificent reasons. We are not here just to suffer and struggle; despair and be deprived or experience pain or loneliness. We each are here for spectacular impact.
Take a look around you at all the people you know, love, do not love. Those whom you wish never to see again, who have wronged you, accused you, lied about or to you and have misunderstood you. Think about each and every one of them.
Know that you are completing soul contracts with each and every one of them. Know with certainty that what you brought to the table within that dynamic has had a direct impact on everyone connected to that dynamic–whether you can actually verify it or not. Know that each person’s life has been impacted by you so silently and so greatly that their lives—and yours—would have been vastly different if you had not met them, interacted with them or knew them.
Total impact of the silent kind. You have no idea how magnificent, powerful or far-reaching you are. Know it. Now act accordingly.

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Rise Above

hurt people

“It’s true. Hurt people are the ones that hurt others. Their pain is so consuming that it intensifies to see others happy. What is happening is that the hurt person wants others to feel their pain, notice their pain and deal with their pain, even perhaps fix their pain. No one can ‘fix’ another or their circumstances in life. Dynamics are created through lashing out as a way to offer the happy person a choice of whether to engage or not, justify or not, defend or not. We say engaging is not only unnecessary but can be fuel to the fire you are trying to extinguish. Disengage. Do not try to explain yourself as no explanation will suffice to one who is deeply rooted in their victimhood. Compassion is about acknowledging, understanding and loving anyway. Show compassion but do not entangle yourself. Rise above. Rise above. Rise above. This is an effective way to show the hurting people in life there is another way to be, another way to live and another way to feel.” ~ The Council of 12, via Ara Parisien

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inifinte possibilities

You are not in the universe. The universe is in you. Know it has always been this way. You have always been and will eternally be. KNOW Self in this way and all that will be left is to BE Self in this way. Ensure a proper and diligent focus to sway the momentum of what you have been focused upon. You can do this! It is a thrill to understand abundance does not flow TO you from an external source…it IS you. It is astounding to understand that worthiness is a manufactured state you no longer have to question. Needing validation of Self melts away. The ‘within’ you have been striving to find is actually ALL of you. There is no longer a need to fracture your external from your internal. The universe that you are is all encompassing. Keep focused on the ‘within’ and it automatically translates and transforms all things. The universe that is you is powerful, more than capable and alive in every moment. Be it. Live it. ~ The Council of 12, via Ara Parisien