Trust the Path

The time is here…and now. It always has been. Know your heart. Feel the passion rising within. Trust it. Nothing ever requires a giant leap of faith. Just keep inspiring Self forward and with each step you take in passion a plank will appear underfoot to support your walk. All you need do is move […]

Letting Go

“You are all here to Let Go. You are all here to Let Go of conditioning; of paradigms that no longer serve who you have become; of people who demonstrate an alignment not like your own; of loving in a way that speaks of possession. You are here to Let Go—not to hang on with […]


“Strength” seems to be the word of the week for me. We all need to have strength to get through challenging times. Often people tell us to be strong or stay strong. To me it means something a little different than ‘being strong enough to endure’ challenging times. True strength comes via our own innate […]


“We have watched you all fret over knowing with certainty what your purpose in physical form actually is. For some it is a sporadic, random thought. For others it is a paralyzing thought which keeps them from living freely as they worry they might be doing the wrong thing or might miss the signs of […]

Total Impact

We are all here for magnificent reasons. We are not here just to suffer and struggle; despair and be deprived or experience pain or loneliness. We each are here for spectacular impact. Take a look around you at all the people you know, love, do not love. Those whom you wish never to see again, […]

Rise Above

“It’s true. Hurt people are the ones that hurt others. Their pain is so consuming that it intensifies to see others happy. What is happening is that the hurt person wants others to feel their pain, notice their pain and deal with their pain, even perhaps fix their pain. No one can ‘fix’ another or […]


You are not in the universe. The universe is in you. Know it has always been this way. You have always been and will eternally be. KNOW Self in this way and all that will be left is to BE Self in this way. Ensure a proper and diligent focus to sway the momentum of […]