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inifinte possibilities

You are not in the universe. The universe is in you. Know it has always been this way. You have always been and will eternally be. KNOW Self in this way and all that will be left is to BE Self in this way. Ensure a proper and diligent focus to sway the momentum of what you have been focused upon. You can do this! It is a thrill to understand abundance does not flow TO you from an external source…it IS you. It is astounding to understand that worthiness is a manufactured state you no longer have to question. Needing validation of Self melts away. The ‘within’ you have been striving to find is actually ALL of you. There is no longer a need to fracture your external from your internal. The universe that you are is all encompassing. Keep focused on the ‘within’ and it automatically translates and transforms all things. The universe that is you is powerful, more than capable and alive in every moment. Be it. Live it. ~ The Council of 12, via Ara Parisien

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  1. Oh how I love that Council of yours…I am so very glad you took the time to listen and to post this loving information! Rock On GF

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