Rise Above

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hurt people

“It’s true. Hurt people are the ones that hurt others. Their pain is so consuming that it intensifies to see others happy. What is happening is that the hurt person wants others to feel their pain, notice their pain and deal with their pain, even perhaps fix their pain. No one can ‘fix’ another or their circumstances in life. Dynamics are created through lashing out as a way to offer the happy person a choice of whether to engage or not, justify or not, defend or not. We say engaging is not only unnecessary but can be fuel to the fire you are trying to extinguish. Disengage. Do not try to explain yourself as no explanation will suffice to one who is deeply rooted in their victimhood. Compassion is about acknowledging, understanding and loving anyway. Show compassion but do not entangle yourself. Rise above. Rise above. Rise above. This is an effective way to show the hurting people in life there is another way to be, another way to live and another way to feel.” ~ The Council of 12, via Ara Parisien

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