Total Impact

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We are all here for magnificent reasons. We are not here just to suffer and struggle; despair and be deprived or experience pain or loneliness. We each are here for spectacular impact.
Take a look around you at all the people you know, love, do not love. Those whom you wish never to see again, who have wronged you, accused you, lied about or to you and have misunderstood you. Think about each and every one of them.
Know that you are completing soul contracts with each and every one of them. Know with certainty that what you brought to the table within that dynamic has had a direct impact on everyone connected to that dynamic–whether you can actually verify it or not. Know that each person’s life has been impacted by you so silently and so greatly that their lives—and yours—would have been vastly different if you had not met them, interacted with them or knew them.
Total impact of the silent kind. You have no idea how magnificent, powerful or far-reaching you are. Know it. Now act accordingly.

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