Letting Go

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letting go

“You are all here to Let Go. You are all here to Let Go of conditioning; of paradigms that no longer serve who you have become; of people who demonstrate an alignment not like your own; of loving in a way that speaks of possession. You are here to Let Go—not to hang on with a sense of entitlement that dissolves into attachment or ownership. It is okay to Let Go for it is in the letting go that freshness brightens clarity and new paths are discovered. Know these new paths are just as temporary as the ones you are leaving behind. Everything about you changes and evolves because that is why you are here. Expansion! You cannot grow and expand if you insist on holding onto what you believe you had. Allow the magic to work with you. Let go—and fly. Soaring is your natural proclivity–always.” ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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