Walk In Your Truth


“Always walk in your truth. When you do you walk toward your deeper truth. A truth that may shatter the confines of a comfortable path. It is not destroying the path. It is expanding it. It expands with ‘your’ vibrational expansion. The discomfort exists only as long as it takes for you to get used to this new place of being. Resist not. Surrender to the flow of your own expansion. It is your greater good manifesting itself.” ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Robin Williams. No one may ever have truly known him–but the entire world knew ‘of’ him. He was truly a creative genius of our time. There was such an authenticity to him. He made us laugh, always and cry, often. He rocked our world. Yesterday, he rocked our world one final time.

He gave us the fantasy of Mrs. Doubtfire, the realism of Patch Adams and the incredible phenomena of What Dreams May Come. We gave him our wholehearted appreciation and laughter, our sheer joy, our applause, our love and admiration. We thank you for the difference you made in unabashedly shining your light.

For so many his passing has illuminated the bane we call depression, the plight of the bi-polar personality, and of addiction that unfortunately many do not understand but are quick to judge. While he has shone a bright spotlight on these conditions it was the fact that he felt so alone in a world of people who adored him. He was loved and yet he couldn’t always feel it. The pain obviously was insufferable. Many are saying, ‘If we had only known….’. The truth of the matter is if we all had known not one of us would have reached out. We would have left it to those closest to him or to experts in their field.

Thus it is with our world. There are many Robin Williams’-type personalities all wanting to be free of their demons but nothing is done. We KNOW this and still we do nothing. Think of how it must feel to someone imprisoned in their own mind. They watch as we KNOW what human beings do to each other in the name of peace. We KNOW what we do to the most helpless species on our planet. We KNOW yet we do nothing. For those fighting their personal demons it simply wouldn’t matter who knows what they are experiencing or not as we seem to be the type of humanity that just leaves everything to government, alleged experts and sundry others.

You left a final gift for all of us, Robin Williams. You impacted us in life and you most certainly have impacted us in your passing. It is not a personal pain that should be recognized but the giant wound we call humanity that seems desensitized, uninformed and in denial. Yes we deeply feel the loss of the light that has gone out and we will mourn it for years to come. But your passing caused another dynamic into being and that is one of action. May we all take up the torch and begin to heal the festering sores on this planet. We KNOW….now we must DO. Personally, I will not mourn your transition but will embrace the opportunity you created with your passing. You rallied the world. The world feels the love. Now let us keep that love going…let us make a difference in our own unique way…let his passing be a gift that is given to the masses in ways unimaginable. We can do this…..because we KNOW.

Yesterday as I read for a client I felt a spirit with me that just made me feel so light that I wanted to laugh out loud. I could hardly contain myself when I asked my client who “Robin” might be in regard to her life. She looked at me quizzically and said she didn’t know. I went on to say that he was hilarious…that all I wanted to do was laugh. She still didn’t know. Then I heard spirit ask me to tell my client that she was beautiful, so I did. She cried. No one had ever said that to her before. This comical spirit, its work done, simply moved away. I never gave it another thought until I read on Facebook that he had passed. I had the odd sensation that I had already known but wasn’t at all sure how that could be. It was a few hours later, when my own shock dissipated, I recalled the session earlier in the day. I had to laugh out loud. It didn’t seem at all a stretch to think that Robin Williams would have taken gleeful delight to poke mediums when they least expected. Thanks Robin….for making my day in a personal way but most of all…for shattering a façade my client had built around herself. For a fleeting moment you made someone laugh and someone cry, just like you used to. Well done!

My heart and my love goes out to Robin Williams’ family. May you have strength to move forward in your lives. The loss must be devastatingly immense. Because we all KNOW…perhaps in our own way we can reach out to you and let you know that he made—and continues to make— a difference in this world.

Find a way to keep his legacy alive. If you know someone who suffers from depression or bi-polar personality. Reach out. For God’s sake….reach out. We owe it to each other because we KNOW.


Moving FORWARD in life!

Rumi quote

“Look inside yourself. Everything that you want, you already are.” ~ Rumi

It has taken me years of communing with the Council of 12 to understand this simple quote. It has taken me years to realize that absolutely nothing resides outside of one’s Self. It is one thing to ‘know’ but it is quite another to apply the knowledge that allows for the wisdom to surface.

The Council of 12 has, rather relentlessly, told me that we as human beings have everything backwards. We believe backwards, we see backwards and ultimately we live backwards. It all seemed to fit as anytime I visited a human issue with the Council they would always tell me to flip the issue around and see it from its opposite. It worked. However, I did not realize until quite some time ago that their teachings could be applied straight across the board and were not selective as to issue or circumstance. The proverbial light bulb went on in my head.

We are well-being. We are a pure positive stream of well-being—eternally. It is our perspective of what is happening that causes us to believe we are anything different. Being a devoted follower of Abraham-Hicks I began to listen to the teachings from a different vantage point suggested to me by the Council of 12. The wisdom Abraham shares is absolutely spot on and I take great glee in understanding the insights from this deeper level. What Abraham is doing is helping to soothe and relax the egoic mind enough to allow desires to flow FROM us—not TO us. We are abundance. We just need to open ourselves to that fact and let it flow. We are optimum health. We just need to believe and act accordingly. We are already all the things we desire. We are manifestations in motion and the only thing preventing the tangible evidence of that—is our belief that it comes from somewhere else and we need to be worthy of such blessings. We ARE the blessings. We are pure magic.

So just for today, remind yourself that you are already everything that you desire, dream of and believe. Relax into the state of pure positive well-being and know with certainty that all is well. Keep this going for a time and you will unlock the treasure trove that is you—and has been you all along.

Go for it. You deserve the dignity of your own efforts. Why? Because you matter. You hold the proverbial magic wand. Believe it. Live it. Be it.