Celebration of First Breath

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Today I celebrate taking my first breath on this plane of existence. I am always amazed at the fact I chose to come here this lifetime. I may not have remembered why I wanted to come but as the years have gone by and I evolved it has become clearer and clearer.

Much has transpired from first breath up to this very moment–from a tumultuous beginning, to a turbulent young adulthood to a rocky maturation stage I have lived through it all. I have loved so hard I shattered, cried so hard I almost drowned and despaired so deeply chasms in my core were forged and yet here I am. Happy.

I am happy for every piece of me that shattered, every tear and every pain I experienced. I am grateful for each and every person who taught me the lessons I needed to understand what love truly is by allowing me to experience what it isn’t. I am in awe of the connectedness of every living thing, knowing that connectedness helps one to rise up when needed, give solace when appropriate and offer guidance when inspired.
As I reflect on my journey thus far I am exceedingly grateful for everyone I happen to notice whether I know them or not. They are all part of this intricate web of creation. We are all Love in motion whether it is expressed as such in each moment or not. The fact is, if we treat each other with dignity and respect the chances of that Love showing itself is greater than if we remain in judgment.

Today, I will breathe. With each breath I will remember who I came here to be. With each breath I will hold you all in such positive light that your remembering will be easier too. Thank you everyone for touching my heart and my soul in so many delightful and inspiring ways.

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