To A Dear Friend I Used To Know

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We all have ‘friends’.

Most are people we associate with that we feel a common bond. We laugh, we play, we care and we understand each other.

Then there are the ‘soul agreement’ friends we gravitate to along the road of life. The ones that seem to know you better than you know yourself sometimes. They are with you through endless good times and also stand with you, holding you up, encouraging you, loving you through the rough patches. These are the friends that we can count on one hand. These are the friends that are neither joined at your hip nor speak with you every day. They are just there, knowing and caring and always ready to step in. They have your back.

With the nature of this type of friendship comes loyalty and respect that seems to be rooted in our very core. Friends like this are like our own personal dragon slayers and we are all of that for them.

Ideally, these friendships last a lifetime. Brutally, we learn sometimes they do not. In some weird and warped turn of events the loyalty and respect vanishes and instead of the dragon slayer they have become the dragon. This form of betrayal is one of the hardest forms we are asked to come to terms with.

When this happens it begs the question, “What made this person turn this way or did the mask just fall off and how did we miss the fact there was a mask at all?”. We could spend a lifetime searching for the answer and never find it. We can never make sense out of someone else’s confusion. We cannot begin to understand their choices as those choices are creating their reality, not ours. It just happens to hurt when you realize you have been excluded for absolutely no credible reason.

True friends do not behave in such ways. It seems something was derailed without our realizing it. Inasmuch as the disrespect, lies and lack of loyalty hurts we must stand tall and understand with crystal clarity that some people are only in our lives for a certain duration. It is the perfect ebb and flow of the Universe punctuating the sentence that an agreement has been completed.

Yes, it may deflate your reality and yes you may lick your wounds. It is perfectly okay to feel whatever it is you need to feel for however long you wish. But absolutely nothing can change the fact that life is eternal and this was not your first rodeo when it comes to this person and their soul agreement with you. It is just the end of the agreement for this lifetime.

Understanding the nature of these soul agreements is one thing, living them is quite another. I hang onto the fact that all is well. In fact it is perfect. I truly believe nothing happens ‘to’ me. Everything happens ‘for’ me.

I bid you farewell this lifetime. Thanks for the memories of laughter, understanding and good will. I shall always be truly grateful for the friendship that used to be. I wish you happiness and joy and bright lights in the darkness should it befall you. May you find the peace you always told me you craved.

Goodbye, dear friend. I shall not look back.

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