It’s That Time of Year


It’s that time of year once again. A time where you all wish for things you perceive you do not have. You already have everything. In fact you have the ‘ultimate’ everything. You have Love. You have the ability to Love each other instead of judge. You have the ability to heal instead of harm. You have the ability to feel instead of being vacant. You have the ability to show patience instead of frustration. You indeed have it all. Feel free to share it with one and all in every moment. Don’t hold back because you feel someone is undeserving. Do not hold back from Loving Self because of your own perceived inadequacies. You cannot Love unconditionally if you exclude anything. You cannot ‘call out’ for Love. You cannot demand Love. It is impossible to be where Love is not. There is only a lack of the expression of Love. At this time we ask you express Love fully and keep that expression going from now on. Love. The ultimate gift to you—and each other.