Emotional Release During Full Moon in Pisces

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We are still feeling the effect of the Full Moon in Pisces.  Being a Virgo and Pisces being my opposite sign, this energy always seems to dredge up much of the past.  This time around was no different in what it offered up.

I awoke this morning and found myself reliving an argument I had with my mother back in Dec 1984. If I had known it would be the last conversation I would ever have with her in physical form it might have gone a little differently than it did.  She passed away in February 1985.

The recollection of the argument was so real to me in the quiet of 5am. I reviewed what I should have done…should have said…and what I didn’t. I smiled to myself rather wryly. I could have handled things so differently. I could see the learning curve I was on with her. How necessary it was to choose Self and allow myself to reinforce my personal boundaries. I could see clearly that I was still learning to recognize my limits early on in personal relationships. To not allow frustrations to fester and grow until they explode. Thanks Mom! Our challenges were not in vain. It was never about our respective egos.  It was all about role-playing.  You played your role so well right unto the end when, finally, blessedly, I chose Self.  What a gift. I think we can let this one go now knowing we each achieved what the soul desired.

So it goes with a full moon in Pisces–at least for me. Much of our past that remains unhealed beckons for attention. Piece by piece, little by little, we venture forward into the wholeness we desire. It isn’t about how unfair, how unbalanced, how futile our experiences seem to be. It is all about the gift that lays at our feet if we should choose to let go of our righteousness, love the seeming perpetrator and forgive ourselves for keeping the negative energy alive for so long.

This has been another eventful Full Moon in Pisces for me this cycle.  For now, I am content in knowing I have healed something that has been holding me back; I have exercised forgiveness of Self; I have reinforced my personal boundaries; I have realized I have little time for passive aggressive relationships in my life; and the beauty of all of this is, the Universe will now be responding to my brand new vibration. I love this feeling of emotional freedom!

I am learning not to dread the Full Moon in Pisces.  It shines the spotlight on not only what requires my loving and healing attention but provides eternal gifts of the soul if I choose to do the work.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

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