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I have been pondering the concept of respect.  I hear time and time again how one will respect another only if the respect is reciprocated.  On a personal level when words are uttered such as I understand unconditional love is not present.

We seem to be so consumed by the way people respond or react to us.  We forget that we are all ‘life unfolding’ at all times.  Each of us finding our way and experiencing trials and triumphs as we go. Each of us has the free will to think, believe and choose whatever we want. We are not here to all agree.  What one person has come here to grow and evolve through cannot be known nor understood.  Honour the journey they are on as when you do you honour your own.  Remember we are all a reflection of one another. What we notice in one we carry ourselves. It is in this way we are reminded of the inner healing that requires our attention.  It is all a perfect gift if we choose to see it that way.

Honour life in all forms no matter what the expression.  Refuse to judge.  Refuse to defend.  Just notice, be aware, choose what you wish to engage with or simply move along. Always, in love.

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Grieving is a highly personal journey. It is a time to come to terms with extreme change. It is a time to understand that the shattering of your heart is actually the expansion of what the passing of your loved one has caused you to become. You are forever changed. Birthing the new and expanded version of yourself can be painful. Take your time. Find your footing. And please, please, please do not let others demand you to hurry or question your intent when it comes to the process of your own growth and healing. There is no right way to grieve. There is no wrong way to grieve. There is only your way to grieve. ~ Medium Ara Parisien


Spirit Moves


Recently I sat with two clients who were in such despair over the loss of their precious son. It was apparent the father did not want to participate and he actually told me he was only attending because of his wife. He sat back in the chair, crossed his arms and stared at the table. His wife apologized for him and I quickly explained everyone is entitled to their opinion and belief. My job is to work with spirit and give evidence to the fact their son lives on. Almost immediately spirit began to make itself known. Throughout the hour their son spoke of a glorious reunion with his beloved grandmother; a cousin who had drowned in a boating accident a year prior and to the fact that his sister had just found out she was pregnant. The icing on the cake was when he said to me, “Today is my dad’s birthday. Please wish him Happy Birthday and give him a hug from me.” When I relayed the message, the father who had begun to squirm in his chair began to cry. His wife took his hand and held it as they both wept. The session concluded and they rose to leave. We were saying our goodbyes when the father turned to me and asked if I was forgetting something. I smiled and walked into his waiting arms to deliver the Happy Birthday hug from his son. He told me he now believed and thanked me. I was quick to acknowledge that spirit does the ‘work’ and I am but an obliging participant. He said he felt so much better and felt he could cope with the grief that had been consuming him. The healing begins.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not. Spirit always has a way to reach your heart and magically uplift you to a place of peace. ~ Medium Ara Parisien