Goodbye My Friend


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Last week a dear friend of mine transitioned back to non-physical. I do not claim he ‘died’ as my belief is no one ‘dies’–we only transform once we withdraw our focus from this physical plane of existence. As a medium I have worked with Spirit all my life and understand the euphoric release that occurs at the moment of transition. The human aspect of me grieves just like anyone else. I hurt, I cry, I feel the void. What keeps me going is knowing Spirit is ever-present and is vastly more powerful in Spirit form than when they were here in physical. Oddly enough Spirit keeps showing me that it IS possible to be as powerful in human form. It is THAT message that is drilled home with each passing I experience.

I give thanks to all those who have transitioned as when we are in receipt of their eternal gifts of wisdom our physical life is forever changed. Please let Spirit help you uplift through your pain so your eternal gifts may be realized. While the physical loss is substantial, the loss of not ever receiving your eternal gift from them is much much more. Eternal gifts, borne out of love, delivered in love, because you are so loved. Even still.


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  1. I am stunned by the amount of people around us that are transitioning in 2016. I feel the grief you speak about here and send you tons of hugs. Thank you for posting the eternal gift and being that forever way shower. Sending Blessings~

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