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Happy Father’s Day!

ara fathers-day

Today we celebrate fathers—all fathers. The fathers that are there for us whenever we need them; the fathers that we wish we could hug just one more time; the fathers whom take on the role for whatever reasons and all the women who are mothers AND fathers to their children. We are who we are today because of your influence. We honour you! ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher


We Are The Makers of What’s Next

ara orlando 2

Today I am absolutely and somewhat starkly reminded of the perfection of all things.  This includes who we truly are, what we are capable of and all the existing possibilities.  We can move mountains; we can shift paradigms; we can help one another and love one another and we can consistently express the love we truly are.  Or we can kill one another.

My heart aches for those impacted by the mass shooting in Orlando. We have all been riveted to the outpouring of information and it serves simply to keep us focused upon the catalyst of this tragedy.  It allows for the angst to expand, the fear to grow and the judgments to keep flowing in a perceived righteousness that fuels fires.  We fail to remember there is a bigger picture at play. We have not even noticed the ever-flowing love emanating from the world at large.  I am choosing to honor the souls who participated in this mass exodus.  An exodus that begs us to see the reflection of who we are in the core of every tragic event.  Humanity as a collective can only express what is within them.  It is evident we have a long way to go before we shift the victim/victimizer paradigm.

Instead of demanding new rules and regulations and instead of insisting we all conform, we might do well to embrace the differences being expressed by the One. Take this opportunity to understand that all life is a reflection—not just the good stuff.  It shows where we most need to change and offers us all an opportunity to do so. We cannot change if we do not own our shadows.  Killing, violence, judgments and more rules and regulations that change our behavior are not the answer.  They are all merely symptoms of a crippled and conditioned humanity and its sorrowful, needful cry for change.

We have it in us.  We have always had it in us to effect the changes we most want to experience.  No killing is a ‘right’ killing.  No violence is ‘right violence’.  Peace has never been fought for, argued for or won through violence in the eons it has been employed as ‘the right move’.  We are all being called and for those who have not participated in a mass exodus it means you are still here and there are other ways for you to make a difference.  It all begins with us and the love we choose to express.  We are the makers of what’s next. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher


Live Your Joy

ara live joy

Let passion be your motivator. Let peace be your guide. Let unconditional love light your way. Let joy fill your being. All this is possible when you consistently choose to focus on what is important—you. It is not about what others say, do, believe or express. That is all external and a direct measure of their own emotional pain or joy. Just notice it. There is never a need to own another’s perspective. Keep seeking that which makes your heart sing and celebrate that you have the free will to choose feeling one way over another. It matters not what others are choosing. It matters most what you choose. It is important for you to love your choices; love the experience; love your empowerment and to love your ability to uplift above any challenge. You are truly amazing. Live like it. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher.

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Embrace And Be Grateful

ara contrast

You know those infuriating emotional twinges you get when things are not congruent with who you are or what you believe?  Embrace it!!  It is your inner being letting you know that you have some positive focus work to do.  It is a trigger. You are hard wired to know when there is something that needs your attention.  To me, this is miraculous to know we are all well-tended on the physical plane.  No more seeking out externally for the reasons/excuses as to why you feel the way you feel.  Even if you are ‘right’ in what you believe, if it doesn’t make you feel good you cannot be ‘right’ enough to make a difference to anyone least of all yourself.  Tend to the miracle that is you.  Embrace those twinges from within and know you are being called to your authentic power.  It will never stop calling you because of the dualistic plane in which we reside.  All you need do is soothe it and you have done your job.  Make peace with it.  It truly is your friend…and a powerful gift. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher