Live Your Joy


ara live joy

Let passion be your motivator. Let peace be your guide. Let unconditional love light your way. Let joy fill your being. All this is possible when you consistently choose to focus on what is important—you. It is not about what others say, do, believe or express. That is all external and a direct measure of their own emotional pain or joy. Just notice it. There is never a need to own another’s perspective. Keep seeking that which makes your heart sing and celebrate that you have the free will to choose feeling one way over another. It matters not what others are choosing. It matters most what you choose. It is important for you to love your choices; love the experience; love your empowerment and to love your ability to uplift above any challenge. You are truly amazing. Live like it. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher.

2 thoughts on “Live Your Joy

  1. And this is why I’m glad to call you my spirit sister BFF! xo

    • Isn’t it amazing, Glenda! To think the Universe orchestrated such a meeting in St. Louis and look at what has resulted. I am immensely grateful for you!!! Love you!!

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