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Loving Each Other

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Judgments never change others…no matter how loudly they are spoken or intensely felt.  In fact judgments only serve to inflame differences not embrace them, diminish others not embolden them.  Judgments are all about seeking validation of Self at the expense of others. To me, judgments are merely observations that one may use to reinforce their own preferences by simply noticing. That’s it. That’s all. It has nothing to do with demanding everyone conform to a different, self-perceived standard.  Judgment is all about conditions.  There is no unconditional love when conditions are suggested or demanded.  Unconditional love is when you stand strong in your truth and allow others to do the same without demands, mockery, hyper-criticism, or mud-slinging. It’s all about loving one another…not judging one another.  Interesting concept! ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium & Spiritual Teacher

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Get Your JOY on!

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It’s been almost 10 days since I have returned from my cruise to Alaska and I must say I am still feeling the joy!  I fully expected to feel it wane and ebb but it hasn’t.  It’s fascinating to me that joy is the dominant vibration no matter what is going on around me.  A definite shift has occurred – one that I had obviously been working towards.  The epiphany I experienced was real, visceral and powerful.   More importantly it served to completely shift paradigms, re-ignited my enthusiasm, bolstered my passion, gave clarity to my path, assisted in helping me attain a laser-focus and almost magically elevated the work in which I am engaged. How can I not be joyful with all of that going on! To add to all of this joy I am in the throes of sweeping changes.  I know where I am going; I know what I am here to do and most thrilling of all I know it will all happen at the perfect moment.  All I need to do is maintain my joy, allow the Universe to work its magic and hang on because ALL is possible and ALL is indeed coming.  Life is truly amazing.  I’m loving every moment of it. Wooohooo!!!  The most joyful thing of all—-is that all this is there for each of you!!  It’s time!!  Get your JOY on!! ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium & Spiritual Teacher

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Regret:  feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity).

How many of us live in an almost constant state of regret?

We regret our past actions; we regret our inaction or reticence/reluctance of the past; we regret past communications or lack thereof.  We regret everything we could have done, should have done and would have done if we had been given the chance or mustered the courage.

Do you see the common thread in the regret we feel?  It is all stemming from the past.  We are living a moment in time in our minds that can never be again.  Therefore it cannot be changed at its point of origin.

How do we make the shift from this regret?  How do we let go and move forward?

It is helpful to know that this moment, this ‘right now’ is the only time available to you to make any shift, change or new choices.  It is the only logistical position you have—ever!  Yes, you are able to dwell on the past for as long as you like but the results never change.  All it changes is the way you feel right Now.  And that feeling is never a good one.  Remember that whatever you feel and think in the Now is beginning to unfold as  a reality in your future.

There is a powerful Universal Law of Karma.  It is otherwise known as the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  It states that whatever you think, do or say, choose or don’t choose (the Cause) will unfold an Effect or result.  If you do not like the results you have been living then it is time to offer a different causal thought/feeling.  Starting Now.

Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better, you do better.”  Do better, right here, right Now.

The first step is to forgive yourself for locking into a self-imposed prison of guilt, regret and ‘if only’.  The prison keeps you mired in the past.  You were meant to soar.  Your freedom is available right Now. Free yourself.  Choose differently, think differently, and trust me, you will begin to feel differently.  You’re worth it! ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium & Spiritual Teacher

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ara choosing store

We are always choosing.  In every  moment we breathe there are choices being made.

As I was in my local supermarket yesterday I wandered around picking up the items it suddenly struck me that everyone around me was in the act of expressing choice.  Immediately I could feel my vibration lift and I felt exhilarated at the fact that we all have the free will to choose whatever we like—and don’t like at any moment in time.

One woman walked around the store with a pronounced scowl on her face.  I watched as she threw items into the cart almost angrily.  Suddenly, the scowl disappeared and a smile appeared as she spied a pot of beautiful flowers.  She picked it up and turned it around and around appreciating each little flower and strong stem.  She started to put the pot in her cart, thought twice then ultimately put the pot of flowers back on the shelf for whatever reason and walked off, the scowl returning once more. It saddened me a little bit to see that she believed in order to keep that feeling of absolute delight going she had to buy the pot of flowers.  She didn’t.  In that one minute or so of pure appreciation her vibration lifted and she radiated. Her life was beginning to change and she didn’t even realize it. Then she chose the feeling she was most comfortable with and the scowl returned and with it returned everything that gave birth to that scowl.

Others were actively choosing all around me.  Children loudly and eagerly were choosing their favourite things; the elderly were choosing their delectable treats and I was choosing what I preferred.  Choosing was going on in the parking lot over spaces, people were choosing to stop and chat with others.  Some were choosing to laugh or share a sad note.  I was absolutely thrilled with this flow of power—yes power!  I felt it course through me and I smiled at this microcosm of a world around me.

It made me think of choosing our thoughts.  Why is it that some people deliberately choose discomforting thoughts when there are wonderful ones hanging in the same space around them.  Choosing the uncomfortable ones made me think of walking into a supermarket and deliberately buying all the things I did not like.  A person would never do that intentionally yet when it comes to our thoughts we believe we do not have control.  We do.

Next time you find  yourself awash in thought-waves of negativity or sadness envision you are walking into a grocery store.  Shop for just the right thought. Don’t believe that there is something you must ‘have’ in order to feel better.  Simply appreciate all the wonder you see around you.  Allow the fact that you actually have a choice be your first point of appreciation and you will appreciate more and more of all you see.  It makes a difference.  You can do it! ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium & Spiritual Teacher

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I’m Ready

ara permission-granted

The cruise is officially over.  I am home, unpacked, and slept in my own bed last night.  It felt wonderful!

The trip was yet another opportunity to fine tune my desires; understand exactly what my path is; where I want it to go; what is necessary and what isn’t; the depth and breadth of my abilities and my commitment to be of service; and lastly, the expression in which I will move forward.  I am happy.  No.  I am more than happy.  Within me is a peace I am fortunate enough to reacquaint myself with and a joy that uplifts beyond measure.

As I embarked on this latest magical journey I was filled with expectation.  I was seeking a deeper clarity because, in essence, I felt stuck energetically.  It was astounding to me that in being so determined to ferret out what was so ‘wrong’ with me and/or my direction regarding this ‘stuck’ feeling, I found out in  tangible, powerful ways, what was so ‘right’ about me in regard to the work that I do.  It was deeply freeing.  I suppose that is the resulting sensation when one gives Self the permission to unabashedly ‘be’.

For the longest time I have wanted to expand in specific areas and I found that this is exactly what I am meant to do.  Some things cannot be denied.  It wasn’t enough for the Universe to move mountains to give me the clarity in the form of an epiphany accompanied by a strong resonation that moved me to tears, it also moved the mountain, which was me, in effortless ways to give me the evidence that I can move mountains on my own just as easily. What a profound reminder!

I was eager to get what I believed I needed on this cruise—clarity, certainty, and direction.  The Council of 12 showed me once again how backward we tend to think, feel and live sometimes.  I did ‘get’ what I was seeking and it came from unexpected sources.  It came from the opportunities that came my way to ‘give’. It was in the giving that my permission surfaced.  It was in the giving that a power was finally, blessedly and unapologetically unleashed.  It was in the giving to others that I gave to myself and realized that it is in that giving the floodgates open, the answers come, the permissions are granted and love restores.

New trails await to be forged – and I am ready. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium & Spiritual Teacher