Give Yourself Permission

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Eureka! I have been asking my Council of 12 to guide me to a more simplistic explanation of creating/manifestation/who-you-are. I awoke this morning with the name “Rumi” running through my mind. I do not take these moments lightly and immediately got up, made a coffee and decided to do some research. I was not disappointed! “Oddly” enough, once I found what I was looking for, I logged onto FB to draft this post and as I scrolled through two or three posts on my timeline the quote actually popped up! That is how it all works. It’s like magic to me!

Many of you find it challenging to get into the zone of ‘vibration’, ‘frequency’, ‘alignment’ and ‘allowing’. In our humanness we tend to over-complicate everything (yeah, our intelligence gets in the way!). We believe it just can’t be that easy! Energy IS that easy. Energy is who you are. Energy is obedient to whatever instruction you give it no matter how intense or how seemingly inconsequential. What is happening around us (some people believe it is happening ‘to us’) is a direct reflection of your instruction to the Energy flow. It cannot be any other way. It is Law. There are no exceptions. As an aside, once you grasp the concept you begin to make the correlation between what is happening and what you have been thinking/feeling.

There are many who believe ‘if something is meant to be, it will be’. This smacks of there being Grand Arbiters running around the Universe pondering and deciding who gets wonderful things and who is denied and taking it a step further…who gets trials and tribulations. This is simply not the case. Dispensed results were predicated on YOUR focus, YOUR thoughts and YOUR feelings. Nothing else. It is Law. There are no exceptions. Therefore, your wonderful manifestations or your denials of manifestations will be in direct correlation to how you have been thinking/feeling.

There is one Rumi quote that I have had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing first hand. That quote is, “I am not in the Universe. The Universe is in me.” Once you make the connection of this concept your life will forever be changed. Then, just this morning, under the guidance of the Council of 12, I found this Rumi quote, “Everything in the Universe is in you. Ask all from yourself.” Why I had not seen this quote before I don’t know but truly believe I was simply just ready for it, had been asking for it, and so it came.

“Everything in the Universe is in you. Ask all from yourself.” Because the Universe is in you all the power of manifestation is within you as well. You are not asking, asking, asking, hoping the Grand Arbiters pause and decide to lean in your favor. What is actually happening is you are constantly asking yourself for the permission TO be, do or have whatever you desire. Who is a Grand Arbiter now!?

It is YOU. It always has been. It always will be. There are no exceptions. There isn’t one person on this earth who is not a powerful creator with the ability to create the reality they prefer. It is up to no one else. Just you. You are the magic wand.

Go ahead, give yourself permission to CREATE…to demonstrate the innate power you have always been and will eternally BE…and create the JOYFUL life you know you deserve. ~ Ara Parisien


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