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Hey there, I AM Ara and I want to help you get there

Love, compassion and understanding (not to mention a little humour!) are engaged with every single client to guide them to their highest and best version of themselves. My ability to read their Energy allows me to touch upon options that are just up ahead on their path and redirect that Energy to show different options that can avail themselves. It is thrilling to help guide them to feel the place where they can begin to see the answers and power within themselves; understand change can be embraced and celebrated; their desires can be realized, and that they are never alone on their incredible journey.

My approach – is all about You; who you are; who you wish to be; what you desire and how to manifest it; answer burning questions you may have with the help of Spirit and guides; give proof we do not die, and so much more.

There is more to you and your life than what you presently know. My task is to help you see it and seize the opportunity to live the life you have always dreamed of.


One of my first childhood memories was conversing with Spirit. Different Spirits would come and go but I noticed a group of Spirits that was always present. I called this group, for whatever reason at the time, the Council of 12. They have remained a constant in my life to this day.

This Council of 12 has been my greatest teacher. Through the years they offered information, guidance and a tremendous amount of love that flows through me each and every moment. Through them I was able to shift my perspective of Self from ‘victimhood’ to empowerment. In so doing, I healed, I grew and the natural abilities I have were enhanced.

For the past 30 years, I have offered my abilities to others to help them see the world, and their life, differently; bring relief from debilitating grief; offer clarity in their confusion, and most importantly, remind them of the Love they already are and direct them back to it.

As a natural-born, evidential medium, living in Victoria BC, with clients all over the world, I have supported connecting them with their loved ones who have transitioned back to non-physical energy. I am always moved to joy, when the evidence shared proves that loved ones live on.

As I have a keen understanding of the Energy we all are and how it is directed, I can also offer the tools for you to make the necessary shift from the life you live now to one that is more effortless, joyful and abundant.

My favorite word is Joy, as you can see and will learn about me, and when I’m not being of service to my clients, I write, read, enjoy spending time with my daughter and her family, cooking and walking around this beautiful place I call home.

My Values and Beliefs

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Integrity, confidentiality and authenticity are the core of my work.

Your information is held in strict confidence and will be never with shared with others, FOREVER.


My Commitment

My work with Spirit is just one of my commitments this lifetime. My commitment is also with every person I work with.



I believe we are all ‘gods’ being expressed in every moment. I believe the unseen can become seen, the unknown become known and growth, health and abundance can and should abound.


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I AM Journey

I have developed a unique and powerful tool to assist you in starting the road to your wishes, hopes and dreams.


You are the story-teller of your life and you have the power to create the life you want, let’s find that together. 


My work is multi-faceted and I can promise you a true adventure as we explore the wonder of who you are, together.