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Abundance – Feast or Famine?
August 30, 2021

Abundance, We have it backwards

Over the many years in communing with the higher consciousness stream I call the Council of 12, I have been taught many things. One that changed my life was the fact that, as humans, we do everything backwards. We live backwards, we think backwards, we perceive backwards. Everything is backwards.

The one example they shared with me is  how we perceive birth and death. They asked me, “Why do you celebrate a soul entering their forgetfulness of who they truly are and grieve the spontaneous burst of a soul as they enter their remembering?” Think about that. It makes sense.

It is the same with abundance which is a hot topic for all of us at some time or another. We are struggling with what we don’t have, what we think we will never have, and constantly knock ourselves out trying to grasp it externally and drag it into our reality.  That is backwards.

Abundance is Energy

Abundance is energy. Nothing more. It is the same energy as you, me, the sky, rocks, bees, birds, cars and even the chair you are sitting on. Having said that, it means that you ARE the abundance you seek.  You are just not letting it out.  It is always seeking its way out of you to express itself as a manifestation.  That is its inherent state. We tend to allow our beliefs about money to get in our way.

Beliefs such as, ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees,” or “I have to work hard for what I get and even then I may not have enough,” You know the drill.  We have all had that conditioning from a very young age. The key to allowing Abundance to flow is to drop your resistance (and conditioning/beliefs).  It is all quite doable with some understanding, some repetition and some faith.  

Let it out

Everything we desire is within us. All we need to do is let…it…out.  There is absolutely nothing external that can soothe, dissipate or fix what we believe we lack. It is the belief in the lack and the resistance it produces that closes the door on the flow that is trying to get OUT of us.

How do we let it out?

There are things one can do to lessen resistance and open the door to abundance.  The good news is that we only need open that door a crack in order for the flow to start. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to lessen resistance.  Just 10 min of relaxed focusing on your breath can often lessen resistance enough to effect changes in your day to the positive, including abundance.  Another thing you can do is simply understand that there is nothing you can do in the immediate moment to cause abundance to start flowing.  Instead of focusing on the powerlessness, focus on something completely different and keep your focus there until you feel that wonderful catch of relief in your body and mind.  It will feel so good you will not want to stop focusing on this new thing.  When we relax and lessen resistance, the abundance can begin to flow.

Relax. Let. It. Out. Let the power you already are be unleashed to live the best version of yourself.

Words of Everyday Wisdom

The following is from the Council of 12, in my book, Everyday Wisdom:

Bounty:  There is a limitless bounty within you.  A bounty of knowingness; a bounty of faith; a bounty of joy; a bounty of abundance.  Let it out.  Let your bounty live you!

~ excerpt from Everyday Wisdom by Ara Parisien

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