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Ara’s I AM Journey
July 23, 2021

I AM Back!

Finally…and joyfully…I AM back! 

I have been on an interesting and creative journey that had me isolating and writing. For those who know me, it is nothing new. For those that know me but were puzzled by my lack of communication I am about to reveal the whys and wherefores so understanding abounds.

There is nothing more exhilarating to me than to bite into a passion whose time has come. It is ever so true that when the perfect time arrives, people, places, things light up on the path. All things aligned in the most perfect way and I knew it was time to dig deep and produce what had been in me, inspiring me and guiding me for years. So, here we go….

The Passion

For decades I have had the words ‘I AM’ tumbling in my mind. I paid attention but had little understanding. The last six or seven years it amplified. It was so dominant in my mind that I knew I had to explore. With that exploration, I learned, applied the knowledge and I grew. In living this new information I watched as my life, in all ways, changed and became something more than I ever thought it could be. The dawning of the potential of it, the power of it and the benefits of it were astounding. One day I awoke to the words, “It is time”. I didn’t really think too much of it until I followed through on an inspiration to write. Often when this happens I already have a topic in mind. This time I did not. I sat for a few minutes staring at a blank document trusting the words would come and as always, they did. I typed I AM at the top of the page and felt a resonation flood through me. I started to write and kept writing for the next few several years. 

What is the I AM?

You are probably wondering at this point what the ‘I AM’ is all about. In a nut shell, “I AM’ is the name of the god-force energy that keeps you breathing, and is the creative force in your life. Thinking logically, how many times a day do you say I AM? You say it to others all the time when they ask how you are. Your response is, “I AM tired today,” or “I AM not feeling great today,” “I AM dealing with problems and stress”. The god-force in you IS the I AM and creative force of which you speak. Whatever follows the two small words I AM is what you invite into your reality. Therefore, whatever follows the words I AM you are actually decreeing into being. As well, we all have those inner conversations that consistently involve “I AM this or that”. What if it could all be turned around to the positive?

To me there is no external source that bestows favours on some and hardships on others. There is no judgment of anything save what we decide TO judge. The I AM energy will support anything we think, do, say, feel and believe. Why? Because it is the Free Will we always talk about but don’t understand to a great degree. We tend to lean on it when we feel someone has made a choice we don’t agree with from time to time. It just lurks in the peripheral. We are powerful beyond measure. We can be, do or have anything we desire. All thanks to the great and powerful I AM energy.

The Vibrational Journey

To facilitate this energy and direct it accordingly I have developed daily journals to assist in the application of the I AM in a positive and more beneficial direction. The energy is so powerful that you can experience changes in yourself and your life almost immediately! Think about it. Think about your life and what it could be like if you understood YOU were the one in charge and your experiences and desires were not predicated on what everyone else was doing. I call that freedom. 

Through a series of at least seven journals, each containing an I AM focus statement for you to work with each day for at least thirty days you will be able to lift your vibration to a frequency that has you feeling uplifted, empowered, happier and shifting life and Self effortlessly to a new way of being. It helps train you to maintain this new vibration through practice and theorem.

The I AM Journal of Transformation is highly recommended as the start of your I AM journey. It is there that the vibrational shift happens. The statements are vibrationaly built one upon the other to realize optimum frequency as you go. Once complete you can move on to other journals such as, the I AM Journal of Abundance, the I AM Journal of Health, the I AM Journal of Relationships and so…much…more. Yes, there will always be more as I AM certain that because this energy encompasses everything in life there will always be something to write to help empower, inspire and uplift. 

This, is what makes my soul sing. My greatest desire is that you explore YOUR power using these journals, unleash that power in a brand new way and experience the life until now you had only dared to dream. 

The Community

Lastly, it is one thing to travel your path to power, however, I wanted more than that for you. I wanted to create a dynamic movement where a community could gather to inspire each other and share their successes and encourage others. It is now all in place. All that is missing, is YOU. You are the power, you are the miracle and you are the magic seeking its way out.

Are you ready to explore your power and unleash it in your life? There is so much to learn about who you truly are and what can be. Why not give it a try?

Your life is waiting…

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