Ara's View : Inspiration for Everyday Life


In love.  I AM in love with the countless possibilities and unlimited opportunities that exist just for me.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Or does it?

You decide.


Immersed in simply ‘being’.

‘Being’ is the end of ‘longing’.

Think about that.  Would you rather be in a consistent state of ‘being’ or a perpetual state of ‘longing’.

The choice, as always, is yours – and yours alone.



Understanding the difference between resisting and renouncing.

When I resist I AM still giving attention to that which I do not want.

When I renounce I AM simply taking my attention away completely.

It is ‘out of mind, out of sight’ and not the other way around.


Who are you?  How would you answer this question?

Typically you would say, female/male, mother/father, give your name etc.  What you are expressing is who you believe yourself to be – a tangled culmination of all experiences.  This culmination exists as the proof of who you believe yourself to be.  Know it is all past tense. It is history you insist on living up to.

I AM speaks, listens, thinks, acts and expresses in each and every moment. It is always Now.

Do you realize that you can choose a different expression of who you are in each and every moment?  You are a different ‘you’ right this moment than the one who started reading this post.  The change can be subtle.  The change can be life-altering.   The change is always occurring so why not make it a deliberate one. Chart your course. Be in control.

The change – starts with you.  The change is BECAUSE OF  you. The change IS you.

Are you ready?


Confident in living my life.

I AM confidently seeing things as I wish them to be and maintaining joy regardless what is going on.

I AM that powerful.  So are you.


Reminding myself to be mindful of my emotions.  They are true game-changers.

Always remember – a change of feeling is a change of destiny. Your emotions determine a future you desire, or one that is lackluster to the point of survivable.

Life is for living! Always reach for joy!


Thankful.  Appreciation is a powerful energetic vibration that will uplift our lives to epic proportions if we consistently express it.

Having gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation over the smallest things in life will ensure the change you desire in your life.

What is there to be grateful for?  Everything you can discern with your senses.  Everything is there FOR you.  It is your mindset that dictates a judgment or an appreciation.  Mindsets can be changed.

Why not change yours and experience a transformation so powerful it will feel like you have wandered through the Looking Glass!

I AM thankful…for you!


Knowing that any drama I immerse myself in today will become a fact in my life tomorrow.

I AM choosing that which I wish to experience.

Yes, it’s a choice.


My power expressing itself. With every breath. With every thought. With every action.

The key is to know yourself well enough so your choice of expression provides the benefits you seek.

I AM are the first two words of creation. 

Be deliberate and conscious of what you speak, think and do when you are expressing.  When you are, your life changes.

Life cannot be different without this conscious effort.

I AM worth it.  So are you.