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Give Yourself Permission

Eureka! I have been asking my Council of 12 to guide me to a more simplistic explanation of creating/manifestation/who-you-are. I awoke this morning with the name “Rumi” running through my mind. I do not take these moments lightly and immediately got up, made a coffee and decided to do some research. I was not disappointed! “Oddly” enough, once I found what I was looking for, I logged onto FB to draft this post and as I scrolled through two or three posts on my timeline the quote actually popped up! That is how it all works. It’s like magic to me!

Many of you find it challenging to get into the zone of ‘vibration’, ‘frequency’, ‘alignment’ and ‘allowing’. In our humanness we tend to over-complicate everything (yeah, our intelligence gets in the way!). We believe it just can’t be that easy! Energy IS that easy. Energy is who you are. Energy is obedient to whatever instruction you give it no matter how intense or how seemingly inconsequential. What is happening around us (some people believe it is happening ‘to us’) is a direct reflection of your instruction to the Energy flow. It cannot be any other way. It is Law. There are no exceptions. As an aside, once you grasp the concept you begin to make the correlation between what is happening and what you have been thinking/feeling.

There are many who believe ‘if something is meant to be, it will be’. This smacks of there being Grand Arbiters running around the Universe pondering and deciding who gets wonderful things and who is denied and taking it a step further…who gets trials and tribulations. This is simply not the case. Dispensed results were predicated on YOUR focus, YOUR thoughts and YOUR feelings. Nothing else. It is Law. There are no exceptions. Therefore, your wonderful manifestations or your denials of manifestations will be in direct correlation to how you have been thinking/feeling.

There is one Rumi quote that I have had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing first hand. That quote is, “I am not in the Universe. The Universe is in me.” Once you make the connection of this concept your life will forever be changed. Then, just this morning, under the guidance of the Council of 12, I found this Rumi quote, “Everything in the Universe is in you. Ask all from yourself.” Why I had not seen this quote before I don’t know but truly believe I was simply just ready for it, had been asking for it, and so it came.

“Everything in the Universe is in you. Ask all from yourself.” Because the Universe is in you all the power of manifestation is within you as well. You are not asking, asking, asking, hoping the Grand Arbiters pause and decide to lean in your favor. What is actually happening is you are constantly asking yourself for the permission TO be, do or have whatever you desire. Who is a Grand Arbiter now!?

It is YOU. It always has been. It always will be. There are no exceptions. There isn’t one person on this earth who is not a powerful creator with the ability to create the reality they prefer. It is up to no one else. Just you. You are the magic wand.

Go ahead, give yourself permission to LIVE..to CREATE…to demonstrate the innate power you have always been and will eternally BE…and create the JOYFUL life you know you deserve. ~ Ara Parisien


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Gift Certificates

ara gift1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Christmas is one of my favourite holidays!  Once again I am offering Gift Certificates for sessions that are geared to offer much needed grief relief, kick start a healing process, or the opportunity to radically and powerfully change your life.  It is a gift with tremendous impact.  It is a gift that just keeps on giving.  If you are interested in a Gift Certificate for someone you know – or – you just want to treat yourself (after all—you are worth it!) please email me at araparisien@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.

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Facebook Live Q & A with Ara

cover spiritual growth

Join me this evening, Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 6pm Pacific for a Facebook Live Question & Answer event!

Bring your questions, participate in the discussions!  You may never know just who you inspire!

***SPECIAL NOTE***  This is a MEMBERS ONLY event of the Spiritual Growth with Ara Parisien Group.  Not a  member?  Just click on the link below to join!  Hope to see you there!


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Spiritual Growth with Ara Parisien

cover spiritual growth

I thought it was time to offer something more in the field of spirituality!

You are all invited to join my new Facebook Group “Spiritual Growth with Ara Parisien”  It’s free….it’s packed with information…and it’s geared to sharing, understanding, learning and of course, growing!

Just click on the link below to join!  I am so looking forward to seeing you!


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Spirit Presence

evidence of spirit

Spirit never ceases to amaze me!  Evidence is always offered to help loved ones know there is no death—only transformation.  Names and dates are what Spirit offers to acknowledge those still in physical or to identify who they are with in non-physical.  I think the most amazing evidence Spirit tends to offer is when they prove they are still very much a part of everyone’s life and know exactly what is going on.  For instance, in many sessions I will be given names of people who seem rather inconsequential to whomever I am reading.  However, it turns out that they were just talking with the person, or emailing/texting them within days prior to the session.  Spirit loves to prove they were standing right by their loved one’s side as the communication took place and that they are still very much a part of their daily lives.  Amazing!  It shows we are never abandoned, always cared for and forever loved.

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BE Happy

ara Art-Be-Happy-Wallpaper

BE Happy

For too long we have believed happiness is external.  We will only be happy if our circumstances change, or people behave more appropriately, or if we finally obtain our heart’s desires.  We wonder why it is so hard.  We ask why happiness is so elusive.  In order for true happiness to manifest it must come through us and from us first.  That’s it. That’s all.  We either choose to open our inner door and effuse everything we see, hear, touch, taste and smell with our unbridled joy—or we don’t.  When we rely on external experiences to cause happiness within us the results are mediocre at best.  If we throw open our door of happiness then only happiness will result which changes experiences yet to be realized into happy ones as well.  Then, and only then will happy, external circumstances heighten our already existing happiness. It is counter-productive to rely on them to CAUSE our happiness. It’s just so simple.  BE happy.  BE happy for no apparent reason.  It changes everything. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium, Author & Spiritual Teacher

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Know Self

ara when-you-know-yourself-you-are-empowered-when-you-accept-yourself-you-are-invincible-quote-1

I am ever so grateful to know Self! I have no need to prove who I am to others. I have no need to point fingers and cry foul in my indignation and justification in how others view me. Remember who you are. Love who you are. Let others’ perspectives of you melt away. BE your Self. You are beauty, magnificence, power and love in exquisite motion. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher


Spirit Signs

ara signs-from-spirit (1)

Spirit Signs

Many of you have received signs from spirit and are aware that loved ones are eternally with us. Just as many others receive signs and dismiss them as ‘coincidence’. Still others are waiting for their sign they are not alone.

It might help you to understand that our loved ones in spirit have transitioned from physical form to non-physical. They are still the pure energy they were when on this plane just minus the physical body. Given there is not one place where energy is not it stands to reason our loved ones are ever-present, co-existing with us and not somewhere far away.

It is also helpful to know that there is no such thing as ‘coincidence’. A ‘coincidence’ is simply unaware thoughts meeting their manifestation. Therefore, the signs you may be dismissing are actually direct signs from spirit. A sign that lets you know you are not forgotten, still cherished and most of all loved.

Spirit will use the path of least resistance in order to convey their message. In other words, whatever is already around you that can quickly and easily be absorbed into your conscious awareness. Sometimes it is a feather—because birds are in your immediate environment. Sometimes it is a penny or dime—because loose change abounds. Sometimes—it will be an arbitrary call on your phone or lights going on and off. Televisions are known to go on after you shut them off. Electronics can certainly behave erroneously without a seeming cause. Yes, spirit will use whatever is around you to let you know they are still with you.

Often people will dismiss the signs because they believe, or have been told, that sometimes a feather is just a feather, happening upon pennies or dimes is just a coincidence and glitches with electronics are due to faulty wiring or lack of signals. The only way to tell the difference between a spirit sign and ‘common reasoning’ is in the way it makes you feel when the sign is noticed. If you know you have been asking for a sign then it is a sign. If a sign makes you remember a fond memory then it is from spirit. Pay attention to how it all makes you feel instead of allowing your limited belief structure to drive the bus. Be prudent and exhaust all the avenues to debunk the occurrence if you must as that will dispel your doubt. Just remember, there is always more going on than your senses can possibly tell you.

For those of you still waiting to experience a spirit sign take heart. Signs are present virtually in every moment. When the time is perfect your spirit sign will venture into your awareness. Have faith, trust that it can happen and be joyful that it will happen.

Believe. Trust. Most of all, thank your loved ones for letting you know they are not gone. They have not left you alone, abandoned. They walk with you in each moment.

Many of us have had the experience of receiving signs from spirit. I would love to hear what your signs have been. Let’s hear from you! ~Ara Parisien, International Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher

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“Everyday Wisdom” now available on Amazon!

ara everyday wisdom cover

My latest book, “Everyday Wisdom” is now available on Amazon!! “Everyday Wisdom” is a compilation of everyday words with a fresh perspective from the Council of 12 that offers Everyday Wisdom. If you are looking to shift perspectives/paradigms to initiate a change in your life then this book is for you! Just click on the link!!