Change your thoughts, change your mind, change your choices, change your life
August 22, 2021

Change is a constant in our lives. As much as we want to hang onto the status quo we often feel it slip our clutches as change demands to have its way with us.

No change = no growth

If there was no change there would be no growth, no evolution. We would all just drift aimlessly in life without there inclination or wherewithal to improve or achieve something different. Change is a constant and it is also a necessity.

Some will balk at change at every turn. Some are terrified of it. I know when I sit with clients during sessions I may excitedly announce change is upon them only to see a look of terror in their eyes. Change is exciting, adventurous and serves to expand ourselves and our lives.

What is ‘chaos’, really?

With change can come a feeling of chaos for some people. Chaos is only the feeling one experiences when every possibility arrives at one focal point all at the same time. They have always existed. It is just that one has had no cause to entertain them. They have always had the opportunity to look the other way until their lives reach a critical mass of sorts and change thrusts itself upon them. It leaves them feeling anything from breathless to victimized.

Welcome change. The universe isn’t ‘doing something terrible’ to you, it is pointing the fastest way to where you want to be. It is showing you what needs your attention Now in order to get there. That’s all. And really, it is what you want even though you may not like the look of it at first glance.


Change. It is a vehicle of the soul – a soul that knows what you want, where to get it and how to get there. Allow it. Trust it. Savor it. It is all for you.

I AM here to help you transform your life into the life you had until now only dared to dream. I have developed a unique and powerful tool to assist you in starting the road to your wishes, hopes and dreams.


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What is your deepest desire? Do you think it is possible to achieve? Do you believe your life can change in thrilling and magical ways? The answer is yes!

Remembering  Christmas

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